Outside the Walls


Contents of this site remain as posted from 2002-2009.
Successor site is www.thoughtstowardsabetterworld.org


Looking at Public Schools From Outside the Walls

This site, initiated in 2002, is designed specifically for use by public school personnel and advocates for public education.

Its emphasis is on helping identify, develop and maintain positive relationships with those community members who do not have children of their own in public schools.

U.S. Census data shows that nearly two-thirds of the households in the United States do not have any children under the age of 18 as residents. This means that an overwhelming percentage of persons who can vote for or against support of public education do not have any day to day relationship with the public schools. Some estimate that as many as 85% of taxpayers are in this 'outside the walls' category. This is a population that must not be taken for granted. An October 2006, essay entitled "Rethinking 'Community'" is accessible here.

Ideas for reaching and developing a positive relationship with these 'outside the walls' community members are the core purpose of this website.

This site emphasizes five key 'outside the walls' groups. Each of these groups has unique needs:
  • "Empty nesters": possibly the largest group, empty nesters have had children of their own in public schools at some point in their past.
  • Community members who have never had children.
  • Community members who have school age children, but whose children are enrolled in non-public education, as home school, private or parochial school.
  • Community members who have pre-school age children
  • A related group: Community members who have only recently arrived in the community, and have no or very limited local relationships in place.
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We wish you great success.