#576 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #21. Post Mortem Wisconsin

I’m writing this post before the polls close in Wisconsin. I haven’t heard any predictions, or talk of the turnout, or any such thing. So the post-mortem won’t be in this post. There’ll be plenty of those without me…. Love it or not, Scott Walker is the face of the contemporary Republican Party in the […]

#357 – Dick Bernard: Lurching towards catastrophe

My opinion: some kind of agreement will be cobbled together to avoid a partial government shutdown tomorrow. That won’t solve the problem, only delay what seems inevitable: the gradual but inexorable slide of the U.S. to at minimum mediocrity. As a society we are “doing stupid”, as a Forrest Gump might say. You don’t translate […]

#344 – Dick Bernard: Part 14. We're witnessing a deadly game in which we're the ultimate victims.

The bizarre drama that is Wisconsin continues to play itself out. It is a very high stakes and scary game, where an ideological fringe has, for the moment, managed to seize control of the government and is asserting its will. In the end the ultimate victims of this power play, the working middle class, will […]

#338 – Dick Bernard: Part 8. Public Servants bearing the burden….

Before the 2011 MN Legislature had convened, and the new MN Governor sworn in, the news concerned the burden of a $6 billion deficit in the MN state budget. At the time I did some simple arithmetic, dividing $6 Billion by 5 Million residents of the State of Minnesota. The result was $1,200 deficit per […]

#337 – Dick Bernard: Part 7. Misinformation and sloppy citizenship: An invitation to commit national suicide

An unplanned trip took me out of town most of the last three days. I had planned to write this post about how money ends up in collective bargaining agreements; specifically about supposedly “free” money for Pensions given for Public Workers (a false charge). I don’t have to write that commentary. David Cay Johnson of […]