#873 – Dick Bernard: Easter, a Beautiful, Reflective, Complicated, Controversial Time

It is expected to be a beautiful Spring day in the Twin Cities today. Perfect Easter weather. Of course, not all Easter Sundays have been perfect. We dodged a lot of snow just a few days ago…. (click to enlarge) (explanation at end of post) Best I know, the Catholic Church does more with Easter […]

#830 – Dick Bernard: Dr. Joe Schwartzberg on Transforming the United Nations System, Designs for a Workable World.

UPDATE JAN 22, 2014: Dr. Schwartzberg has kindly provided the essence of his talk on January 16. You can read it here: Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg TRANSFORMING THE UN, Talk at St. Joan of Arc. Dr. Schwartzberg emphasizes this isn’t a script, more an outline of his remarks. UPDATES, including comments, will be added at the […]

#650 – Dick Bernard: Mary Ann Goes to Vanuatu.

UPDATE April 5, 2015: It has been almost a year since the last update. Recently Vanuatu was hit by a major cyclone. Mary Ann (at home in suburban Rochester NY) sent a note and the following pieces of information from Vanuatu about the cylone and its aftermath. Pam’s visit. Also: Butterfly Trust Cyclone Pam Update_31 […]