#854 – Dick Bernard: A Project to Document our Nation of Immigrants

One week from today, Wednesday, March 12, a fundraiser to celebrate the power of immigrant stories will be held at Target Field, Minneapolis. You are encouraged to attend, and make others aware of this important event as well. All details, including bios of the speakers, are here. Your RSVP is requested. Ours is a nation […]

#745 – Dick Bernard: A quick visit to Valley City, Sykeston and rural LaMoure, North Dakota

I just spent four days and nearly 900 miles revisiting places of my roots in North Dakota. It seemed like a long trip, and it was, but then, last night, I watched the first part of the Ken Burns program on the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-05. Piece of cake. This trip happened when […]

#743 – Dick Bernard: Remembering Donald Koller, and a kid memory of The Lone Ranger….

UPDATE July 12, 2013: In memory of Don Koller, and granddaughter Samantha, and Donald’s parents Alma and Michael Koller. (See note from Rosella Koller below the photo; received July 11, 2013.) (click on photos to enlarge) I asked Rosella for more information about the photos. Rosella: That was our Granddaughter, Samantha. When she was 10 […]

Dick Bernard: Remembering Sykeston ND in the late 1940s

Other Posts in this series, as follows: Feb 11, 2013: “Sykes High, oh Sykes High School” May 4 (the main article): Thoughts on Sykeston High School at its Centennial May 9 A 1957 Social Studies Test June 28 Snapshots in History of Sykeston June 29 Sports in 1950s small towns in North Dakota July 3: […]

#687 – Dick Bernard: "Sykes High, oh Sykes High School of Dreams Come True…."

Note to reader: Note: There are six other posts about Sykeston: There are several other post I have done about Sykeston: May 4 (the main article): Thoughts on Sykeston High School at its Centennial May 9 A 1957 Social Studies Test June 12 Remembering Sykeston in late 1940s June 28 Snapshots in History of Sykeston […]

#656 – Dick Bernard: A School Band Concert, Memories

Happy Thanksgiving! Tuesday evening we took the short drive across the Mississippi River to neighboring South St. Paul. The occasion was the Middle and High School Fall Bands Concert, in which one of our grandkids, 7th grader Ted, was a participant, and even a soloist! Truth be told, I almost forgot about the event. We […]

#533 – Dick Bernard: A Picture from the past, remembering Louis H. Bruhn

See Update from Carl Peter at end of this post. Going through some old photographs recently I came across this one of Louis Bruhn, taken by my father in May, 1974, at a Valley City State Teachers College alumni gathering in Anoka, Minnesota. (click to enlarge). I lived in rural Anoka at the time, and […]

#524 – Dick Bernard: Birthdays and Memories.

Today is one of those Birth Days in my family circle. It is unusual in that there are three today: Oldest son, Tom; spouse, Cathy; daughter-in-law Robin all begin a new year in their respective histories. Tom was born less than three weeks after the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan ‘shew’, February 9, 1964. […]

#437 – Dick Bernard: Sykeston vs Goodrich, 1957; Us vs Us, 2011: How are you on the field, or not?

Soon after 9-11-11 I received a “real” (with postage stamp) letter from a great and long-time friend: “Enough 9/11 already. [My son] contends that if we put the same energy into remembering victims of battering and child abuse, it would be well served. I am not unsympathetic, but where is the energy for other injustices? […]