“The World Is My Country” , an inspirational film.

One Page flier here:World Is My Country004The World Is My Country002 Jan. 26 – Feb. 1. Sign up for pass code here. Include “CGS” in registration box. You can probably watch the film on your home television. Everybody’s system is unique. Ask your nearby tech whiz – grandkids are great sources – to help you […]

#1133 – Dick Bernard: A Presidential visit to Hiroshima. Now it's up to us.

The annual Memorial Day observance of Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 is today, 9:30-10:30, at the Vietnam Memorial on the Minnesota State Capitol Grounds, St. Paul. This is always a meaningful observance. (click on photos to enlarge them) (I submitted the following commentary to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 20, 2016) The scheduled visit of […]

Establish a Peace Site, promote Peace

My friend, Lynn Elling, founder of World Citizen and co-founder of the Nobel Peace Prize Festival, now part of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, has a favorite Gandhi saying which he recites often: “If we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are to carry on a real war against war, […]

#713 – Dick Bernard: Some thoughts after World Law Day, May 1, 2013

About 40 of us gathered at the Gandhi Mahal Retaurant last evening, May 1, to Reflect On World Peace Through Law. The event was one of those that just came together; in this case, less than three weeks. Law Day has been a part of the American tradition since at least 1958, when President Eisenhower […]

#698 – Dick Bernard: The Hennepin County Commission, Minneapolis Mayor and City Council and the UN Flag, 1968 and 2012.

NOTE February 14, 2016: For the past three years the Hennepin County Commissioners, most of whom were on the Commission at the time of the official action March 27, 2012, on many occasions have refused to give an honest answer about why they took down the flag (Note: it had nothing to do with their […]

#674 – Dick Bernard: The War for Peace…

UPDATE Jan. 7, 2013: note comment at end from Garry Davis. UPDATE Aug, 2013: Garry Davis passed away at the end of July, 2013. See this post. Sunday [Jan 6,2013] I was privileged to be among nearly 100 people invited to a private preview of a very special eye-opening film, which has the potential to […]

#579 – Dick Bernard: Donna Elling

This afternoon Donna Elling, 88, will be remembered at First Universalist Church in south Minneapolis. We’ll be there, and I expect there’ll be a large crowd. She richly deserves a tribute. I can’t say I knew Donna well, except through others voices and memories. When I met her and her husband, Lynn, five years ago, […]

#518 – Dick Bernard: The Ask.

A day or so ago I answered the phone and a little-person voice announced herself as “Susie”. Susie? I thought it was a misdial. Then her mother came on, and I learned that I was talking to granddaughter Lucy, all irrepressible five years of her. Her sisters, Girl Scouts, had convinced her to call us […]

#511 – Dick Bernard: Lynn Elling, World War II & Korea Veteran, Businessman, World Citizen

UPDATE, May 7, 2016: LYNN ELLING, Minneapolis MN, died February 14, 2016, a few days short of 95 years of age. You can read his obituary here. A followup feature obit was published in the Minneapolis paper on February 25, 2016, can be read here. See also Celebration May 1 2016001 of his life on […]

#496 – War Horse…Imagine Peace

We went to an outstanding movie at the local theater yesterday: Steven Spielberg’s War Horse. My spouse asked me more than once, “are you all right?” It is one of those films that elicits strong emotional response. I would guess I wasn’t alone among the surprisingly large crowd in the dark, quiet theater. War Horse […]