#1131 – Dick Bernard: Random Acts of Inspiration

For many years, actually until quite recently, the prestigious Walker Art Center in Minneapolis had an impossible to miss work of art on its wall on Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis: “Bits and Pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole.” (You can see its former presentation at Walker here.) I would guess […]

#894 – Dick Bernard: Remembering Pete Seeger

UPDATE JUNE 8, 2014: Here’s the May 3 “For Pete’s Sake” program. Today, June 5, and Friday, June 6, a very special event, the radio replay May 3, 2014, concert in tribute to Pete Seeger. As announced by the show producer, Larry Long, “We are happy to announce that For Pete’s Sake: Celebrating Pete Seeger’s […]

#730 – Dick Bernard: Community Celebration of Place. As good as it gets.

Even preceding retirement 13 years ago, I wondered about how it would be out in “Elder-land”. I wrote about this recently. Just last night, at a meeting where the age range was from (I’d guess) early 30s to mid 80s we talked about the huge dilemma these days of elder to younger communications. We communicate […]