#971 – Dick Bernard: Experiencing History. Cuba, Iran, North Korea and other places.

We are, I think, in a very significant time in international history. And it is a good time, but very scary for those who need enemies to be scared of, and dangerous because of a desire to maintain the historical status quo of enemies and war as a solution.. It is a good time to […]

#806 – Dick Bernard: Beginning the Crazy Circus about Negotiations with Iran.

Here is a sketch map of the environs of Iran, related to Minnesota: Iraq environs ca 2005001. I sketched this in 2005 during the Iraq war to give myself some context to Iraq and its region. This is a good time to reacquaint oneself (or get acquainted for the first time) with the geography of […]

#663 – Dick Bernard: Dr. William Beeman "The Consequences of the U.S. Election on our Relationship with Iran"

Today at the annual meeting of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers (MAP) about 60 of us heard a fascinating talk by Dr. William Beeman of the University of Minnesota on Iran. He is a man of diverse talents, including academic. Dr. Beeman is recuperating from a recent surgery but that didn’t deter his presentation. He […]