#499 – Dick Bernard: Political Communication; Communication in the U.S. Political Sphere

This mornings e-mail brought a most interesting post from Just Above Sunset (JAS), one of my favorite bloggers. Today’s post, Longing for Vigilante’s, concerns Politics and the Communications Profession. It is quite long, but worth the read, and accessible here*. I filed an off-the-cuff comment (later in this post, certainly a “rant”), and the entire […]

#460 -Dick Bernard: Clueless at the Top

Last week I had the time to act on a long avoided task. I took on our long neglected bookshelves. Among the collected works that caught my eye was a book I had purchased in 2005, “Clueless at the Top, While the Rest of Us Turn Elsewhere for Life, Liberty and Happiness” by Charlotte and […]