#498 – Dick Bernard: Haiti. Thoughts on the second anniversary of the earthquake

There are, of course, many perspectives about realities in Haiti. Following are three for the second anniversary of the earthquake, January 12, 2010. Comments are solicited. Access at the end of this post. The Haiti micro-finance Fonkoze had a very interesting one hour Webinar on the situation ‘on the ground’ in Haiti on January 11, […]

#315 – Dick Bernard: Haiti. Duvalier. The Punishment and Justice Narrative…and the Reconciliation Possibility

I woke early in the morning of Martin Luther King Day, January 17, 2011. The purpose was to publish #314, which is here. In front of me was a note from my spouse from a couple hours earlier. It deserves to be presented as I saw it: On screen were a couple of e-mails about […]

#314 – Dick Bernard: Meeting Martin Luther King Jr in Minneapolis, yesterday

I met Martin Luther King yesterday, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I sat near him in the Choir Stall at Basilica of St. Mary yesterday afternoon. He appeared there in the body of two women sitting next to each other. Mary Johnson and Janice Andersen. Janice is the tireless and remarkable Christian Life Director at the Basilica […]