Franco-Fete in Villes Jumelles (the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul) September 28-30, 2012

UPDATE Sep 12, 2012: Here’s an interesting hour with samples of Le Vent du Nord music and discussion of Franco-Fete on Bonjour Minnesota radio program Sep 11, 2012. CONTACT INFORMATION: Check in occasionally. Scroll to end of this post. Francophone, Francophile, French-Canadian ancestry…or know someone who is, or is interested? Consider passing this post along, […]

#313 – Dick Bernard: Old Music and Family History

Last night we attended the Minnesota Orchestra, where we’ve had season tickets for many years. I’m a fan of classical music, but not a particularly well-informed one. Before we left home, Cathy asked “what are we seeing tonight?“, and I said “I don’t know.” The ticket wasn’t helpful: “Symphony and Song” is all it said. […]