#1042 – Dick Bernard: Under Renovation: Two Flags, Two National Anthems, Two Nations, 56 years.

Here is the video we all saw at Orchestra Hall on Sunday afternoon (see below) (click on all photos to enlarge them) July 1 found me heading east after a tiring three days in North Dakota. I stopped in Valley City, and decided to refresh by stopping at my alma mater, now Valley City State […]

#971 – Dick Bernard: Experiencing History. Cuba, Iran, North Korea and other places.

We are, I think, in a very significant time in international history. And it is a good time, but very scary for those who need enemies to be scared of, and dangerous because of a desire to maintain the historical status quo of enemies and war as a solution.. It is a good time to […]

#575 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #20. A History of "Decisive" Battles in Warfare

Today is election day in Wisconsin; five months from today is the United States General Election. There is a serious question embedded in the following: how do we change American political warfare before we are all – winners and losers and, indeed, country – lying dead in the weeds? The past couple of generations of […]

#535 – John Borgen and Flo and Carter Hedeen on Cuba; with additional notes from Dick Bernard

Dick Bernard This is easily by far the longest blog post I’ve done at this space. The number count says over 8300 words (normal length 600-700 words). Cuba has always intrigued me, though the closest I’ve been is neighboring Haiti, which has both benefited and been cursed by its proximity to the island Communist Republic […]