“The World Is My Country” , an inspirational film.

One Page flier here:World Is My Country004The World Is My Country002 Jan. 26 – Feb. 1. Sign up for pass code here. Include “CGS” in registration box. You can probably watch the film on your home television. Everybody’s system is unique. Ask your nearby tech whiz – grandkids are great sources – to help you […]

#1306 – Dick Bernard: The Avenue of the Saints

About a week ago, I packed my bag and got on the road, destination an annual meeting of Citizens for Global Solutions near Lambert St. Louis Airport, St. Louis MO. Over 500 miles later, I arrived at my destination, both exhausted and energized. It was good to see the open country between St. Paul and […]

Green Card Youth Voices: A Special Event Thursday evening, October 21.

This Thursday, Oct 20, from 6:45 – 8:45 p.m., three young people, all immigrants and “Green Card Youth” in Minnesota, will share experiences and perspectives on living in the United States. The program is free and open to the public, at Plymouth Congregational Church, (Jackman Room), 1900 Nicollet Avenue S (between LaSalle and Nicollet at […]

#586 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #26. Dr. David Schultz: Wealth vs Democracy: The Battle for America's Soul.

Preliminary Note from Dick Bernard: At the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions June 21, 2012, Dr. David Schultz gave an important talk entitled “Wealth vs Democracy: The Battle for America’s Soul”. Rather than attempting to summarize what he had to say, I asked Dr. Schultz if he would be […]