#791 – Dick Bernard: Revisiting a Speech of President John F. Kennedy October 22, 1963

Last night I was returning from a meeting and happened across a portion of a speech President John F. Kennedy had given on this date, 50 years ago, one month before his death. The 24 minute speech, to the National Academy of Science, is archived on YouTube, accessible here. This is worth a reflective listen. […]

#765 – Rosa, Joyce, Bill, Carol, Madeline, Jane, Jermitt, Jeff, John, Dick, Will, Peter: The March on Washington August 28, 1963, reflections by folks who weren't there, but were impacted, then and now.

Related Post: August 27, 2013 Highly recommended book (still in print): Why We Can’t Wait, by Martin Luther King, published 1964, about the year 1963. PRE-NOTE: This is a very long post (about 10 times the length of a typical post at this space), but (in my opinion) worth your time and your own reflection […]

#764 – Dick Bernard: "I have a dream", 50 years later

Tomorrow is the actual anniversary of the “March on Washington” August 28, 1963 – it was a Wednesday then, too. It occurred to me that almost all attention is paid to that day itself, in Washington, and that of the then-population of the United States perhaps one in 1,000 people were there. The heavy lifting […]

#426 – Dick Bernard: Labor Day 2011 and "The Help"

We went to the film, The Help, Sunday afternoon. It was time very well spent. There are many reviews: Go to IMDB for many of them and other information about The Help. If you haven’t seen the film, consider taking it in, either in the theater, or by other means. The Help is about Jackson, […]