Peter Barus: The Great and Terrible Oz Does Another Lucy

My long-time friend, Peter Barus, lives in rural northeast U.S. and has a gift for thought-filled writing.

Here is a recent post, passed along here at Peter’s request.

It’s been awhile since he’s written here, his attention on a book in preparation. Great to see him back.

Take a look.

Peter’s comment about Oprah’s recent comments at the Golden Globes: “Interesting, what Oprah said about Rosa Parks; it was many years before anybody seemed to learn about her career as a Civil Rights activist, and not just a cleaning-lady who was tired that day. Even back then, Attention was being recognized as a nexus of power. It lacked the technological reach in which we are now immersed, and the battleground has moved now, and most of us don’t seem to understand.”

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