A Fete at Faribault House

Sunday afternoon Greg sent a message “what’s the rain plan?”, referring to our La Fete de la Saint -Jean-Baptiste scheduled for 5-7 p.m. at the Henry Sibley Historic Site at Mendota.  The day had been threatening, but it appeared the skies would clear.  But you can’t predict Mother Nature, and enroute to the event, rain […]

Two-fer – Iran and the Wages of Slavery

Iran – June 22, 2019 Yesterdays banner headline in our local paper, Minneapolis StarTribune, blared “Trump orders, cancels Iran Strike”.  Already, of course, Trump is about the business of evading responsibility.  The only safe way to deal with Trumps communiques, of any kind, is to believe nothing he says, rather than gamble on the random […]

“Good mornin’ America how are ya?….”

Thinking of our now complete voyage to the northwest and a piece of California and Colorado, I kept thinking of the toe-tapper, City of New Orleans.  Listen to Arlo Guthrie sing Steve Goodman’s 1971 song here. We spent our 14 days nowhere near New Orleans, and rode the rails near 50 years after the song […]

The U. S.- Soviet Bering Strait Expedition of 1989.

NOTE: I will be offline June 1-15, ‘riding the rails’ to the west coast. * You never know what will blow in off the internet. Friday came an e-letter about Paul Schurke and Dmitry Shparo, who co-led the U.S. Soviet Bering Strait Expedition in 1989.  The 30th anniversary of that expedition is June 3.  The […]

The Gauntlet

Yesterday, Robert Mueller threw down the gauntlet to every single one of us.  In my opinion, his action was very significant, and intended, as is his intention to not testify.  To use another metaphor: “the ball is in our court”…. The Mueller Report sits at arm length from me, here:  (there are many ways to […]

Memorial Day 2019

Saturday, friend David Thofern sent a brief note: “Here’s a link to a short (<20 min.) film on the human cost of World War II. It’s appropriate on Memorial Day to note that individual deaths often have profound impacts on us, especially when they are people we know and care about. But when deaths are […]

Nancy Pelosi

A month or two ago Cathy said she’d like to hear Nancy Pelosi, slated to be guest speaker at the Minnesota DFL’s 75th anniversary dinner May 24.  I wanted to see her as well – my opinion: she was an outstanding choice for Speaker – so last night, along with over 2000 others, we were […]


Even small fry like myself sometimes have “experts” in my circle.  Alan sent this yesterday: “Fans of obscure nineteenth century British aphorisms tend to like William Shenstone, who once said that the world may be divided into people that read, people that write, people that think, and fox-hunters*.”  Indeed. 47 years ago – it was March […]


This is the 1,453rd post since I initiated this blog in March, 2009.  It is also the first time where I’ve used a previously used title for a blog.  The first use of the word ‘abortion’ as a blog title was here, October 12, 2009, where I told my personal story.  I invite you to […]

Declaring War

POSTNOTE: What follows, unedited, between the # signs, was saved yesterday morning, May 14,  at 9:20 a.m.  Ordinary  “Life” interfered so I didn’t get back to this until now, 4:33 a.m., May 15.  By habit , I get up early, and my first stop is the frequent Just Above Sunset, which I had read early […]