My friend Suhail died in Pakistan a few days ago.  He was only 41, consequence of brain cancer.  We only worked together for a couple of months, and there is nothing I can add to what his fellow Pakistani, Ehtasham, wrote as an obituary a short while ago.  My life was immensely enriched knowing these […]

The Mail Box

“We all do better when we all do better.”  Paul Wellstone, 1999 Just back from my two miles in the woods.  Today’s “census”: I met seven people and eight dogs (one couple had five dogs on a leash).  These were ‘nod and keep walking encounters’.   Two were couples; two walkers were deep into their ear […]


PRENOTE:  Have you filed your 2020 Census Data?  The website is here.  A mailer should have been received at your address earlier in March.  It is very easy to complete, and very important. * Today was to be my annual tax appointment.  It was cancelled due to the Minnesota lockdown.  I submitted the paperwork on […]


PRE-NOTE March 30: This is the 8th blog on COVID-19 in March, 2020.  Yesterday was the 11th birthday of this blog, and this is the 1,540th – 140 a year.  I plan to continue.  Chances are I’ll be at this address.  Easiest access to past items is to go to the archives box at right […]

Reflecting on “Stay at Home” 3 weeks out.

NOTE: This is 10th in a series on Coronavirus, all in March 2020.  For the others, go to Archive, for March, 2020.  Check back for later commentaries on this and other topics. Thursday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune had this front page graphic under a banner headline “Stay at Home”.  (I don’t feel guilty stealing the illustrations […]

The Orchestra

Today’s paper brought a most welcome article on the front page of the Variety Section.  The photo begins the story; the text follows: The accompanying article by Jenna Ross can be read here.  A recording of the evening program can be heard here.  This is an absolutely remarkable gift to everyone during this intense time […]

New Normal

POSTNOTE March 25, 2020:  There are a goodly number of contributions from readers to this post.  You may wish to ‘walk through’ to the end – messages of serenity and hope, including the comments following the comments within the post itself. NOTE TO READERS: This is one in a continuing series of personal reflections on […]

Facing the Future

There are several previous posts on the COVID Crisis: March 6, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19.  I will add material as it comes in, and tend to avoid the kind of material that is covered by television and newspaper news, as it is redundant.  Your news is solicited.   Friend Molly periodically sends around some […]

Lockdown, continued

There are several comments at the originating post, yesterday.  In addition (this will be continued): Long-time friend Peter, ‘out east’, is a gifted writer, and passed along a recent blog of his. You can read it here. This mornings Just Above Sunset nailed it, as usual: Present at the Apocalypse. John, 41 years a Californian, […]

The First Day of “Lockdown”

Previous posts on this topic at March 6, 13, 15, 17.  I plan other posts in the future, perhaps even tomorrow, on this topic.  [check archive for March, 2020).  Your writings are solicited.  Permission to share will be presumed, unless you say otherwise.  See comments at end of this, and all, posts. COVID-19 was first […]