#1127 – Dick Bernard: May 1, 2016, May Day, World Law Day

Tomorrow is May 1. May Day. Since I was a little kid back in the North Dakota of the early 1940s, I learned there was something special about May 1. Probably the first actual memory was of May Baskets, which had some significance, though I do not remember exactly why. And there were Maypoles. (click […]

#816 – Dick Bernard: A not-at-all-ordinary Christmas Gift.

Last Friday my friend Kathy gave me a plain unwrapped CD of Christmas season music: “Home for Christmas” by Susan Boyle. The CD is very good. That was expected. Susan Boyle is known to me. One of my first first blogs, mid-April, 2009, was about Susan Boyle’s appearance on the international scene. I saw the […]

#515 – Dick Bernard: "I Will Always Love You" Whitney Houston, and others

A little medley for the day of the Grammy’s. The news just in that Whitney Houston is dead at 48. She had a great talent and a tragic life. I picked a few personal favorites from different artists off of YouTube…. Whitney is at peace. Any favorite songs you’d like to add to this list? […]

#348 – Dick Bernard: Part 17. Garrison Keillor "…and all the children are above average"

Today’s newspaper brought news that Garrison Keillor might, just might, retire in 2013, leaving Prairie Home Companion (PHC) in the hands of someone else. Precisely when Garrison will no longer be part of the picture is an unknown, probably including to himself. But as someone a couple of years senior to Keillor in age, I […]

#308 – Dick Bernard: Susan Boyle, Ted Williams…and Elaine Page

Give 35 seconds for Haiti, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 4:53 p.m. (Haiti, Eastern time). One of my earliest blog posts was this one on April 16, 2009, celebrating a stunning performance by unknown Susan Boyle at Britain’s Got Talent. (The original video referenced in the blog is no longer available. The same video appears to be […]

#132 – Dick Bernard: The Christmas Call, and an encore for Susan Boyle

Last night about 8 o’clock or so the phone rang. There was an irrepressible, unmistakable, voice on the other end. It was Danny, calling to wish us a Merry Christmas. Danny is one of those memorable characters one comes across once in awhile; people who brand themselves into our memory bank. I met Danny during […]

#33 – Dick Bernard: Susan Boyle goes back to her village

A reader comment follows this post. Saturday night, May 30, 2009, Susan Boyle’s dream ended…or did it just begin? In blogpost #8, published April 16,2009, I wrote about the astonishing clip I saw of this lady singing on Britain’s Got Talent competition in mid-April.  “The rest of the story” of that happening is accessible there.  […]

#8 – Dick Bernard: Susan Boyle, and "Cynical", "Tiger" and "I dreamed a dream"….

Susan Boyle, Britains Got Talent, April 11, 09. A great gift… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY. To be as clear as I can be: Susan Boyle’s performance on Britains Got Talent on April 11 was stunning and real. She was so good, but the lead-up made her sound so unlikely to be as outstanding as she was, that I struggled […]