#240 – Dick Bernard: Rene Collette Celebrates a Birthday

Today – September 8, 2010 – Rene Collette of Lemon Grove CA is 90. These days, 90 is “just like a kid” in some contexts, another year hardly worthy of notice. Rene is definitely worthy of notice, any year, any time. The family invitation says “Rene [as in the French pronunciation wren-a] chose not to […]

#206 – Dick Bernard: Reflecting on the American Flag

Monday of this week I delivered a 500 page family history to the printer. The history is of my Dad’s French-Canadian family, in North America since the early 1600s. That’s a lot of history. The 500 pages can only be a summary. The last photo I selected and inserted was the one below, the dedication […]

#135 – Dick Bernard: Dad's Shoes

Today is my Dad’s 102nd birthday (he passed away in 1997, not quite reaching 90.) He’s more on my mind than usual this year because, for the last several months, I’ve been trying to summarize 400 years of his French-Canadian ancestry in North America. I’m in the home stretch, now, thanks to many people. I’m […]

#80 – Dick Bernard: Eugenie Fellows, Au revoir to a classy lady

At 6:09 p.m. September 9 came a brief e-mail: “My mother slipped away this morning, after a rally the last couple of days.  I was with her and she was not in pain, so it was not as difficult as it might have been.  She hated hospitals and did not want any more procedures.”   […]

#57 – Dick Bernard: The Politics and Practice of Race

The New York Times (NYT) “Breaking News Alert” came in at 3:03 PM ET on Friday, July 24, 2009.  The headline: “Obama Says He Regrets His Language on Gates Arrest“. Anyone stopping by this internet space knows what the flap is about. There is nothing so sacred to a political figure these days as “staying […]

#43 – Dick Bernard: Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you biological Dads, and the legions of “Dads” whose role was defined by other than physically being the parent.  Being “father” is a complicated business that defies simple definition.  Even defining my own assorted roles over the 45 years since I first became a father in 1964 would take a […]

#28 – Mary Ellen Weller: French-Canadians in the American Civil War: A Book Review

Note from Moderator: Mary Ellen filed this review of a book about the Civil War over a year ago.  It seems particulary pertinent as a memory for Memorial Day, 2009.  A companion to this article might be a recent talk by Howard Zinn on America’s “Three Holy Wars” at the 100th anniversary celebration of the […]

#15 – Dick Bernard, Grandpa's Slingshot; and Jane Stillwater, a Letter to the Editor

A reader comment follows this post. Today is my 69th birthday. I share the birthday with grandson Parker, 7, and a great number of others. Parker and I shared birthday cake yesterday. To a great number of people in my assorted constellations my age means I’m “just a kid”; to many others, including Parker, I […]

#14 – Anne Dunn: Sweet Smoky Blues

Note: Here’s another chapter on Sugaring near Deer River MN. Anne previously wrote on this topic at #6, published April 12, 2009, under the category, Quietings. I’d been charged with watching the maple syrup cooker so it wouldn’t boil over. There were also three barrels of sap bubbling the steam away. Annie and Laura had […]

#6 – Anne M. Dunn: SUGAR BUSH VOICES 2009

UPDATE SEP 5, 2013: Other posts by Anne Dunn: May 3, 2009; Dec 13, 2012, July 18, 2013. Anne is also featured in this post about a concert at La Farm Aug. 31, 2013 Those who gather maple sap can name the signs that tell them when it’s time to tap the trees. Many will […]