Virgil Benoit: a personal retrospective by Dick Bernard

click to enlarge photos The eleven of us who were the Twin Cities Franco-Fete Committee* on site Sep 28-30 are preparing to debrief this years event on November 15. This seems a good time to recognize the man whose vision and determination and passion led to Twin Cities Franco-Fete in the first place: Dr. Virgil […]

Franco-Fete 2012 Minneapolis MN: Martine Sauret on Louis Hennepin

At Franco-Fete, Martine Sauret, visiting professor at Macalester College in St. Paul, gave a talk on Louis Hennepin. Here is the pdf text, in French, of Dr. Sauret’s remarks: Louis Hennepin. Texte Dr. Sauret’s remarks were presented to a diverse group, including students and teachers of French, persons of French-Canadian descent, and others. For those […]

Franco-Fete 2012 – Remembering Our Lady of Lourdes. B. Marshall West with Dick Bernard

UPDATE Jan. 22, 2013: At the time of Franco-Fete, Sep 28-30, 2012, I cobbled together an earlier version of this post conveying spontaneous thoughts of B. Marshall West (Marshall) of Petaluma CA about his family roots at Our Lady Of Lourdes in Minneapolis. What follows is an edited version of the original. A few days […]

Franco-Fete Nouvelles Villes Jumelles, Minneapolis, September 28-30, 2012.

UPDATE February 21, 2013: Most recent is #10, added February 21, 2013 The original post follows this Updates section. 1. UPDATE OCTOBER 5, 2012: Here is the text of Hon. Judge Jacqueline Regis‘ talk at Franco-Fete, September 29, 2012. 2, UPDATE OCTOBER 7, 2012: Marshall West remembers his family history at Our Lady of Lourdes. […]

Franco-Fete Nouvelles Villes Jumelles (Franco-Fete Twin Cities) Sep 28-30, 2012

This weekend is Franco-Fete at the Nicollet Island area in Minneapolis. It’s been publicized before at this space. There’s still time to check it out, register and drop in. All details are here. Scroll to near the end of the site for a copy of the ten page conference program – the same program folks […]

Au-delà des murs (Beyond the Walls) – Resources for French-Canadians of the Midwest

TIME SENSITIVE UPDATES FOLLOW PHOTO OF FRENCH-AMERICAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION BOARD. Welcome! to a work in progress. While the French-American Heritage Foundation begins to take root, here is a portal to much information about French-Canadian heritage in the Midwest of the United States. Your comments/ideas/contributions of material welcome. E-mail dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom. Above graphic courtesy of a great […]

Le Vent du Nord, September 29, 2012, Minneapolis MN

UPDATE Sep 12, 2012: Here’s an interesting hour segment of the radio program Bonjour Minnesota for Sep 11, 2012, including several Le Vent du Nord numbers. Date/Time: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 29, 2012 Venue: DeLaSalle High School, Nicollet Island, 1 DeLaSalle Drive, Minneapolis MN 55401 Parking: see Franco-Fete site (below). Cost: $25 per person as […]

#610 – Dick Bernard: The Dakota Conflict (the so-called Indian War, or Sioux Outbreak, of 1862-63)

UPDATE August 18, 2012: Here is a note about this ten-part series in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune: “LEARN MORE: This series “In the Footsteps of Little Crow,” can be downloaded in a 10-chapter e-book for Apple, Kindle and Nook e-readers Miss an installment? Find the entire series, plus photo galleries and video, at […]

Franco-Fete in Villes Jumelles (the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul) September 28-30, 2012

UPDATE Sep 12, 2012: Here’s an interesting hour with samples of Le Vent du Nord music and discussion of Franco-Fete on Bonjour Minnesota radio program Sep 11, 2012. CONTACT INFORMATION: Check in occasionally. Scroll to end of this post. Francophone, Francophile, French-Canadian ancestry…or know someone who is, or is interested? Consider passing this post along, […]

#585 – Dick Bernard: Visiting History

Some months ago a cousin I’d never met in person, JoAnn (Wentz) Beale, wrote from California, suggesting that we get together when she came to an event in her home town of Grafton ND. It was a great idea. Her grandmother, Elize Collette Wentz, and my grandmother, Josephine Collette Bernard, were siblings, raised on the […]