#1025 – Dick Bernard: Camp Buell, Dakota Territory, July, 1863

On my frequent trips to LaMoure ND, I’ve always passed by a road-side historical marker on the edge of Milnor (about 40 miles west of Wahpeton on Highway 13). Markers like these are “magnets” for me, but this one I would always pass by – enroute, and too tired – though I think I read […]

#988 – Dick Bernard: Groundhog Day: Crepes, la Chandeleur, les Marmottes. Some variations on a general theme….

Today, at least in the U.S., the latest generation of the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil out in Pennsylvania is rudely awaken from his winters nap to predict the rest of winter. Some years ago, my Dad shared a ca 1920 story about my grandfather and a pretender to Phil in Grafton ND. A previous post tells […]

#903 – Dick Bernard: St-Jean Baptiste Day June 24. Adding to a conversation about heritage and culture.

In Minneapolis, this Tuesday, June 24, the Canada Consul-General is hosting a celebration of St-Jean Baptiste, sponsored by Alliance Francaise de Minneapolis. The flier is here: La St-Jean Baptiste la Fete Nationale du Quebec. All are welcome, at a very moderate cost. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of state at the time of Fete de la […]

#892 – Dick Bernard: Meeting General William and Mary LeDuc

COMMENTS INVITED, both on-line and in e-mail form. Will be added at the end of the post. Sometimes life brings fascinating surprises. Some weeks ago a lady was photocopying something next to me at FedEx, it looked interesting, and I took the bait. It was a tour of the life and times of General William […]

#863 – Dick Bernard: An unintended re-learning about something I already knew: the Rapid Change in How We Communicate in Contemporary Society

POSTNOTE: The “work in progress” referred to below is complete as of April 13, 2014. During the past few days I have been involved in a “headache” assignment, self-imposed, but still a headache. For years I’ve had a very large notebook including 145 newsletters from a small, very low budget, but vibrant organization I was […]

1000 Pages. 22 Years. Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles

“FAST FORWARD”: The link to Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles Index is Chez Nous NVJ 1979-2002 2 col Jul 8, 2016. The links to the pages of the newsletter are at the end of this page. A history of the newsletter and La Societe is Chez Nous & La Societe history June 25, 2016. […]

#692 – "Sahn Pahl", some points of view on pronunciation of French words

A fellow Franco-American, Jerry Foley, sent around an interesting letter from a Quebec visitor which he saw in the February 11, 2013, St. Paul Pioneer Press, entitled Sahn Pahl. Several of us, all with an interest in the general topic of being of French ancestry, or speaking or familiar with the language, weighed in with […]

#669 – Dick Bernard: Christmas Day 2012 Joyeux Noel

Recently, on one of my forays through the flotsam and jetsam of paper in my life, I came across some unused Christmas cards from days gone by. These cards had text in French: “Joyeux Noel. Bonne et Heureuse Annee”, and all were from “Coll. Oratoire Saint-Joseph”, ca 1980s, the most recent 1991. It took little […]

En Avant: A Significant Film Work in Progress on the French presence in Minnesota

UPDATE: May 29, 2013: Here’s a 5-minute preview of the film. Note that it may take a bit of time to download, and that a password is required to access: the password is: enavant2013 French film producer and director Christine Loys has released this up-to-date precis about her project: Précis 130513 * An important film […]

#645 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #62. Vote No on the so-called Marriage Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.

(click to enlarge) Recently, after Sunday Mass at my Catholic Church in Minneapolis, I was visiting with a fellow usher, and the visiting Priest came by for a donut and coffee. My friend, like me a retired long-married man with children, asked the visiting Priest about the biblical history of the apparent injunction against homosexual […]