#833 – Dick Bernard: The 2014 Minnesota Precinct Caucuses Feb 4.

Comments follow. Note also the Responses tab for additional comments. To find your own Precinct Caucus location in Minnesota, click here. In my state, Minnesota, the evening of Tues Feb. 4, it is Precinct Caucus night for Republicans and Democrats. In my Senate District, the Precinct Caucus will be at the local Tartan High School […]

#832 – Dick Bernard: Martin Luther King Day

Today there’s no school in Woodbury, and on Saturday my spouse said that grandson Ryan, 14, had expressed an interest in going to the film “Twelve Years a Slave“. I had a conflict Sunday afternoon, but suggested today, and if he’s still interested the three of us will probably be in the theatre this afternoon. […]

#824 – Dick Bernard: "Christmas" Mail; thinking ahead as the New Year begins.

This is a very long post, and includes very divergent opinions from several people. I pass it along because I think it is interesting, and of current interest and concern. I invite comments. I muse about how to break the ideological polarity that is slowly strangling us as a country. For those readers who do […]

#801 – Dick Bernard: Obamascares. The Insanity of it all.

Last night, while watching the Daily Blathers (some call it “evening news”; a good friend, yesterday, referred to it more precisely and accurately: “CBSNBCABCFOXCNN”), I set to the task of sorting through the paper flotsam and jetsam from my Uncle’s apartment in rural ND. Like tens of thousands of others, yesterday, and over time, I […]

#798 – Dick Bernard: Affordable Care Act. Light Years. Peaking too soon.

A night or two ago CBS Evening News did what news reports always seem to do: in order to capsulize the latest crisis, they had short interviews with two women in Virginia after Tuesdays election. The unsuccessful candidate for Governor had made Obamacare the prime issue, and while he lost, the margin was less than […]

#779 – Dick Bernard: The not-so-simple art of international diplomacy (and other similar things)

A short while ago I was looking for the oldest e-mail I had from a recently deceased friend who was anti-war to the very core of his being. It turned out to be a Nov. 10, 2005, e-mail asserting “26 lies by Bush people” about the Iraq War during the George W. Bush administration. If […]

#778 – Dick Bernard: The Affordable Care Act, President Obama Cares

Today at the gym I was treated to Sen. Ted Cruz doing his filibuster to supposedly protect Americans from the evil Affordable Care Act (called “Obamacare” by some). Recently, a majority of the U.S. House of Representatives, for the 42nd time, I believe, voted to repeal Obamacare. Those who follow this issue know the rest […]

#772 – Dick Bernard: An American Flag, and a message on 9-11-13.

Before April 12, 2013, I can recall only one time ever entering the imposing near-40 year old Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis MN. Simply, I’ve never been a resident of Hennepin County, Minnesota’s largest. I go there often for various things, including every Sunday for Church, but I’m not a resident. That single visit […]

#759 – Dick Bernard: A bookshelf reminder of Governmental Insanity, and its consequences for those not vigilant and engaged.

COMMENTS after NOTE 2 Yesterday, I spent a lot of time doing an unpleasant task. A project required going into a family room wall, which necessitated repainting of a small portion of the wall by our bookshelves, and I decided to repaint the entire wall behind the books. Of course, this required taking out all […]

#722 – Dick Bernard: President Obama's May 23 Speech on National Security, a day later

I wrote before the speech yesterday. That story is accessible here. The video and transcript of President Obama’s speech are both now accessible here. In my opinion, his speech, yesterday, was of far more than normal importance, and how the body politic deals with the abundant messages, long term, is of great importance to our […]