#1202 – Dick Bernard: President Barack Obama

POSTNOTE: Here is President Obama’s farewell address. I remember, this evening, two events: 1. The day I first heard then Sen. Barack Obama speak at Target Center in Minneapolis MN, Feb 2, 2008 (click to enlarge) 2. The day we heard Michelle Obama speak powerfully at Macalester College in St. Paul MN October 13, 2008. […]

#1195 – Dick Bernard: Hacking my Facebook, and the Tweet Dilemma, and a special guest.

A few days ago I got several e-mails reporting that my Facebook account had been hacked. There is something humiliating about such a violation of boundaries, but it happens. I changed my password (a story in itself), but decided not to close down and start over. I know, now, how to shut it down if […]

#1116 – Dick Bernard: The Two Wolves…. A springtime reflection. And President Obama Visits Cuba.

I have always liked the oft-repeated story about the “wolves” within each of us: The Two Wolves. Which Wolf Do You Feed? Sunday President Obama flew into Havana and is there through today. The predictable positioning takes place in the media and from the chattering political class: what he’s doing is wonderful; it is treasonous; […]

#1081 – Dick Bernard: Paris, November 13, 2015

SEE POSTNOTE AT END OF THIS POST: We learned of the unfolding tragedy in Paris last Friday evening. Immediately, at 5:55 p.m. I sent a quick note to our friend, long-time Parisian, Christine: “The tragedy is, of course, being heavily covered here in the U.S…thoughts are with you and everyone.” In minutes came Christine’s reply: […]

#911 – Dick Bernard: Those "illegal" children: whipping up the hysteria.

The below letter of mine, published in the July 9, 2014, Woodbury Bulletin seems to fit todays post about the so-called crisis at the Mexico border. My letter was about war versus peace; the letter to which I refer in my letter was about revulsion towards a certain flag that represented “utopian” ideals. No matter, […]

#902 – Dick Bernard: The Summer Solstice, Reflecting on Global War and Peace.

“Outtakes” after the photos. Check back in two or three days for additions at that space, and comments. Today is the Summer Solstice. On June 7, between meetings, I drove over to the Lock and Dam by Minneapolis’ Stone Arch Bridge, and a group of people were rehearsing a dance (see photo). Turned out, they […]

#895 – Dick Bernard: Swiftboating Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an opportunity to change the narrative on war.

The week just completed marked the 70th anniversary of D-Day (June 6) but the June 4, 2014, USA TODAY someone left in the McDonalds in Wahpeton ND, marks the true nature of “news” this past week. Indeed, the newspaper carried a long article on D-Day on page three; but the front page lead story was: […]

#893 – Dick Bernard: The VA Hospital System

My family is chock-full of military veterans, including myself, thus the word “VA” is a readily recognized acronym. My first living memory of the VA Hospital was Fargo, 1946, where my Grandpa Bernard (Spanish-American War) had his leg removed (diabetes related). He was 74 then, which happens to be my present age…. In 1957, Grandpa […]

#871 – Dick Bernard: "The Mountaintop", revisited

Sometimes seemingly unrelated events just fit together, like random pieces of a puzzle that together make a confusing mess make sense. For me, such a convergence happened on Friday in three bits; preceded by two larger and more publicized national events. I just happened to be at an intersection where they came together, connected, at […]

#838 – Dick Bernard: Poverty. Seeing Reality, and Consequences of Ignoring that Reality.

The below, above the postnote, was written Tuesday, January 28, before the Presidents State of the Union. The public relations battle around the State of the Union of the U.S., by far the richest country on earth*, will likely be around, in one way or another, America’s middle class, the haves and the have nots, […]