Learn from History

My friend, Madeline, sent this to her Facebook group yesterday. It had originally circulated a year ago, right after the 2016 election. My opinion, this is a particularly useful reflective reading, given our continuing political experience beginning with the electoral campaign in 2016. It is a personal opinion. There is much food for thought. We […]

“Sex, Religion and Politics”

POSTNOTE Nov 26: In the Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune Op Ex section, letters editor David Banks had a good column about this issue. You can read it here. My submission (to date, not accepted for a letter) is at the end of this post. I ask that you read on, and open the links and […]

Tax “Cuts”

(click to enlarge) Personal opinion: like an eagle, or any bird, or any human, or animal for that matter, any system needs to be in equilibrium to function well. A bird with only a dominant right wing – or left, for that matter – does not function well. A smart bird with only a head […]

#1310 – Dick Bernard: The Eagle’s Wings: the first day of the second year.

A year ago, Wednesday, the United States woke to a new President-Elect, Donald J. Trump. This morning, a year later, the nation awoke to the results of the 2017 elections. While there were relatively few races, what happened yesterday is possibly a messenger of what is to come. (click to enlarge) It is foolish for […]

Vietnam: Comments related to Burns/Novick’s Vietnam War Series on PBS.

During the time of the Burns/Novick Vietnam series I had a number of conversations, and also invited comments. Below are those who were willing to say something about the time that was around the Vietnam era, (1961-75). As you’ll note, even among these ten or so, there is a variety of opinions about, and engagement […]

National Voting Patterns in 2016 Presidential Election

Greg forwarded this link from the Oct. 5 New York Times. It is well worth the time to scroll through. * If you opened the link, you are at least interested. A few very brief thoughts. At this advanced point in my life, I think I know myself pretty well: by nature, I’m an optimist. […]

Health Care For Some: Our Contemporary Vietnam

We’re in a mad race to another precipice, and once again, “politics”, which is “we, the people”, will be the likely driver. There is a desperate need to finally kill President Obama’s signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act of 2010. (Sorry: “OBAMACARE”, said with a sneer.) There is no reason, other than repeating a mantra […]

Five Citizens Reflect on the Vietnam War

Your comments are invited for a follow-up post: dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom. Please include your permission to include in a post. Following are some thoughts about Vietnam, prior to the beginning of the 17 hour film series on PBS, Sep. 17, 2017 7 and 8:30 p.m. CDT. Here’s the schedule of programs following Sep. 17 (see pages 21 […]

Dick Bernard – A look at immigration, past….

POSTNOTE: Flo offered this comment on Sep 6: “Stand for your principals, but actively seek to understand. And don’t give up.” My position, too, though it’s mighty hard to understand an opposing position when it conflicts with so much of what I understand to be the truth!”. Dick: In a way, this mornings Just Above […]

Dick Bernard: The Nine Percenters

NOTE: A friend had a front row seat for a perfect view of the Eclipse last Monday. I added her comment to my Monday post, here. Earlier this week came an article: A recent poll finds that 9% of Americans are okay with white supremacist or neo-nazi views. It was a troubling article – 22 […]