The Process of Politics (Continued from Feb. 8)

On occasion, my wordpress platform gets irritated and says “no more revisions”. Yesterdays “The Process of Politics” was an example. I don’t know why; it just dug in its heels and refused to allow me to insert these comments, which add to the conversation I began about the Precinct Caucus (the base of Minnesota political […]

The Process of Politics.

Tuesday was Precinct Caucus night in Minnesota. I attended mine. More on that below the Eagle. But first: The response to the free preview week for new film, The World Is My Country, was gratifying. If you missed the film, or wish to watch it again, another week begins February 14 at World Beyond War. […]

The Precinct Caucus (and its variations)

Tonight is Precinct Caucus night in Minnesota. Here’s the pertinent information from Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. Every state has some kind of analogous activity. The caucus is the beginning of the process to elect the people who represent us, and where issues important to us first surface as individuals present rough-cut statements of priority […]

“It Can’t Happen Here”

A week from today is Minnesota Precinct Caucus day. Here’s the pertinent information from Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. Attending your caucus is the crucial first step in getting politically engaged. Three days remain in FREE FILM FESTIVAL SCREENING of “The World Is My Country”, To watch it go here. Sign in and enter your […]

The World Is My Country

PRE-NOTE Jan. 27: I watched the on-line version a few hours ago. Note PS in this post if you experience any difficulty with your computer. The on-line film is perfect quality. (Do watch all the way through the credits, and complete the evaluation found there.) Free through Feb. 1. My e-mail: dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom. * It’s arrived! […]

#45 at 1: Responding to Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

Sunday Jan 21 1 p.m. at Basilica of St. Mary Minneapolis MN, Refugee Stories: Refugee Stories002. Immigration data: A Case for Solidarity001 I subscribe to the Washington Post (and New York Times). (Side comment: see the new flick, “The Post“, which we saw last weekend. Worth the time…mostly about the olden days, as in 1971….) […]

Martin Luther King, a look back to 1963…and forward.

Free preview, inspirational film “The World is My Country”, January 26 – February 1. Details: To pre-register for the free week click here and spread the word. More here. * Today, I find myself wondering what Martin Luther King Jr. would be saying to us on his 89th birthday. Ten or so years ago my […]

Peter Barus: The Great and Terrible Oz Does Another Lucy

My long-time friend, Peter Barus, lives in rural northeast U.S. and has a gift for thought-filled writing. Here is a recent post, passed along here at Peter’s request. It’s been awhile since he’s written here, his attention on a book in preparation. Great to see him back. Take a look. Peter’s comment about Oprah’s recent […]

Oprah, and N. and S. Korea.

In the last 24 hours came two separate and remarkable items of breaking news from the New York Times. The first was Oprah Winfrey’s statement at the Golden Globes relating to relationships between men and women. The second about 24 hours later from Panmunjon, Korea, about relationships between nations. Oprah: To be as clear as […]

Epiphany – A Nation, and World, of Immigrants

Today is Epiphany Sunday, the “We three kings of orient are” day; the “babe in the manger at Bethlehem”. Epiphany is more than the Bible story; here’s another meaning of the word (see definition #3). We are at an “epiphany” moment for our country, our society. How do we approach this era? Today, Fr. Griffin […]