#1163 – Dick Bernard: 9-11-16, and the dark days of 2001-2009

Friday, my wife and I and our 87 year old neighbor Don, went to the local theatre to be among the first to see the new movie, Sully, the incredible story of the emergency landing of an airliner in the Hudson River off NYC in January, 2009. “How can you take a 90 second event […]

#622 – Dick Bernard: 9-11-12

9-11-2001 seems to have become a permanent fixture in the American psyche. I offer a reflection a little different from what appears to be typical this day. On this anniversary of 9-11-2001 the front page of the Minneapolis paper had a photo of a beam of one of the collapsed NYC towers as it is […]

#430 – Dick Bernard: 9-11-01 to 9-11-11. Have we learned anything these last ten years?

UPDATE September 12, 2011: There have been a large number of comments on this post. They are in a separate post for September 11, 2011, here. Additional comments will be added to this post, as received. September 9, 2011 Dear Family and Friends: One of the indelible memories of my life came on my 60th […]

#76 – Dick Bernard: "Taking Woodstock" (and "zipping to Zap")

UPDATE ON THE ZIP TO ZAP:  Subsequent to the September 6 update I received two most interesting items:  my brother, who had been involved in the event sent a research piece that was most interesting #mce_temp_url#   .  Then I ordered the 1991 documentary on the event, an equally fascinating summary of what happened during those […]

#3 – Dick Bernard: Binghamton NY April 3, 2009

Reader comment follows this post. It wasn’t until late afternoon on Friday that I learned any details of the latest gun-related tragedy, this time in Binghamton NY. Thirteen dead, plus the shooter; four critically injured; possibly some cause and effect of the shooter having recently lost his job for some unknown reason; an apparent pre-meditated […]