#385 – Dick Bernard: A 2:43 Speech: "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream". A matter of Climate Change and Other Things.

UPDATE/SUPPLEMENT June 19, 2011, here. As we all do, I dream, and I just awoke from a dream whose essential message I remember. This doesn’t always happen. I want to share the dream, and speculate from whence it came. For some reason I found myself as king# of the world, only for a few minutes, […]

#372 – Dick Bernard: Spring inches northward.

Today, May 10 in suburban St. Paul MN, the leaves on the trees have burst out, and the leafy green of woods in spring has returned once again. Exactly one month ago, in suburban Albuquerque NM, I was taking a solitary walk along the Rio Grande River, and noticed a simple tree which intrigued me […]

#367 – Dick Bernard: "I Am", the documentary

May 4, largely on the recommendation of our friend, Annelee, we went to the documentary, “I Am”, at the Lagoon Theatre in Minneapolis. Wherever you are, I would highly recommend you see this extraordinary and thought provoking film. Then seriously consider the implications of what you just saw. The official website is here. Doubtless, there […]

#296 – Dick Bernard: the Metrodome vs the Blizzard (it lost)

UPDATE JANUARY 13: Minneapolis Star Tribune front page article, etc. Enroute to church this morning I passed within blocks, as always, the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. It usually stands out when viewed from Interstate 94, but today it was hard to pick it out: overnight the roof collapsed from the weight of the snow from […]

#295 – Hunkering down for a Blizzard!

UPDATE 8:15 P.M. DECEMBER 11: Most likely we have over 20″ of snow at our home, thus far no wind. Didn’t leave the house all day. More snow than expected. UPDATE II 8:10 A.M. DECEMBER 12: We can now classify the storm as a modern day catastrophe. Not only was the Vikings-Giants game postponed till […]

#255 – Dick Bernard: Au Revoir to Five Sisters

The call came on Friday. It was unexpected only because I didn’t think I’d be in the communications loop. Sister Victorine Long CSJ had passed away at Bethany Convent in St. Paul. She was 90. Her niece said she had a folder of assorted photos and letters for me – items which Sister Victorine had […]

#208 – Dick Bernard: The Deer

We had just settled in along the July 4 Parade Route in Afton MN, but I decided to walk back to the car to get rainwear, just in case. It was a short walk up the street, going up hill, and I was on the left side of the street when I noticed something very, […]

#147 – Dick Bernard: Avatar

UPDATE January 12, 2010: I have been most intrigued by the assorted interpretations, on all “sides”, about the real meaning of most everything about Avatar. About all I can say is that it serves a useful function in causing thought and (hopefully) conversation. Now, if the assorted “sides” could dialogue with each other about the […]

#145 – James Nelson: Reflections on the Copenhagen Climate Summit

UPDATE January 8, 2010, by James Nelson: On December 17th, the day I left Copenhagen, a 22 minute film was debuted concerning wide scale revegetation in developing countries. They talk about trees but they primarily use shrubs and deep rooted grasses. The film is entitled “Hope in a Changing Climate“. The case studies are from […]

#144 – Dick Bernard: Looking to the future, by looking at the past.

We haven’t seen the just-released blockbuster “Avatar” as yet. This review has increased my interest in actually seeing the movie. Of course, Avatar is not “real”, as in reality, but sometimes films like these are helpful to think more seriously about the longer term. It apparently is a fantasy encouraging people to really look at […]