#749 – Dick Bernard: Dr. Soren Kolstoe, naturalist, outdoorsman, poet.

A while ago I was researching answers to a 1957 North Dakota test for high school Juniors and Seniors about North Dakota History, Geography and Government. Reviewing a 1963 Geography text by Bernt L. Wills I found a number of poems about North Dakota outdoors written by Soren Kolstoe, a name familiar to me from […]

#732 – Dick Bernard: A Gentle Lady says Farewell.

Today was “A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Leslie Reinhardt Reindl, August 1, 1936 – May 14, 2013.” Of the photos of Leslie’s life on the display board, this one was my favorite. (click to enlarge) We were told that Leslie prepared the service, and if so, she did a beautiful job. There […]

#720 – Dick Bernard: "ah one and ah two…"

THE TORNADO IN OKLAHOMA: While preparing this blogpost, word came of the tragic tornado most affecting Moore, OK. It caused me to recall another tornado which for some reason I’ve always remembered, the Fargo Tornado June 20, 1957003. See photo at the end of this post. In times like these thoughts always go to a […]

#686 – Dick Bernard: Going to listen to Al Gore on "The Future. Six Drivers of Global Change"

Al Gore was in Minneapolis on Thursday, and while I’ve been to lots of speeches, including by Mr. Gore, and didn’t really need to go, there is something that draws me to such events. I got to Westminster Presbyterian Church an hour early, but turned out to be a half-hour late: I got a seat, […]

Dick Bernard – Thoughts at Christmas Holiday Season 2012: Have a Great Day.

PRE-NOTE: I encourage you to watch the video at the end of this post. Thirty-five years ago, sometime in early December of 1977, I did my first homemade Christmas card for friends and family, a very simple card with illustration by my then 13 year old son, Tom, and a hand printed short phrase by […]

#655 – Dick Bernard: Ken Burns on PBS: The Dust Bowl, part two

I wrote about the first segment of Ken Burns The Dust Bowl here. Part Two, last evening, was equally compelling. You can watch both part one and two here. Together, the two segments total nearly four hours. They are available on-line through December 4. They are well worth your time. And they provide lots of […]

#654 – Dick Bernard: The Dust Bowl

Sunday evening we watched part one of Ken Burns’ latest photo-documentary: the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. I’d urge everyone to watch this series, which is playing on public broadcasting around the nation. You can watch the program online here, but only through Monday, November 19. Consult your local listing regarding part two. Born in […]

En Avant: A Significant Film Work in Progress on the French presence in Minnesota

UPDATE: May 29, 2013: Here’s a 5-minute preview of the film. Note that it may take a bit of time to download, and that a password is required to access: the password is: enavant2013 French film producer and director Christine Loys has released this up-to-date precis about her project: Précis 130513 * An important film […]

#537 – Dick Bernard: Spring "Yard Work"

Today, being a late April day (albeit in the middle of March), with all the snow gone, a short sleeve day and all, seemed a good day to begin the annual housekeeping trek along my walking route which ends on the north side of Carver Lake. Helpfully, one of those small plastic buckets, about a […]

#510 – Dick Bernard: A Memory of a long-ago Ground Hog Day

Today is a pea-soup fog day in my town, and the temperature is about 32 degrees, so any of the resident Woodbury groundhogs have no worries about sunburn, or freezing to death. They will not see their shadow, at least not from sunlight. But the place for groundhogs today is Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Punxsutawney Phil has […]