#926 – Dick Bernard: The Sea Wing Disaster of July 13, 1890

For a number of months, occasional coffee-time conversation with friends David Thofern and Frederick Johnson usually got around to talk about progress on Mr. Johnson’s latest book, “The Sea Wing Disaster. Tragedy on Lake Pepin” (available through Goodhue County Historical Society here with event schedule about the book here). When the book came out, I […]

#883 – Dick Bernard: Fishing Opener/Mother's Day (or is it the other way around?)

Happy Mothers Day, all you Moms out there, whatever your role or gender. You know who you are. But…. Friday night the local CBS affiliate had its co-anchor and weatherman up in Nisswa MN for the soon-to-begin Fishing Opener in Minnesota. In the early segment, Governor Dayton was showing, with his hands, the length of […]

#873 – Dick Bernard: Easter, a Beautiful, Reflective, Complicated, Controversial Time

It is expected to be a beautiful Spring day in the Twin Cities today. Perfect Easter weather. Of course, not all Easter Sundays have been perfect. We dodged a lot of snow just a few days ago…. (click to enlarge) (explanation at end of post) Best I know, the Catholic Church does more with Easter […]

#869 – Dick Bernard: The Robin

Today, I happened across a Robin, busily scouting out a lawn along my walking route. Doubtless there have been other Robins around, though not many. A robin, though, is a sure sign of spring for me. And this was the first one of 2014. For some reason, this Robin brought to mind the first Robin […]

#867 – Dick Bernard: The Tar Sands Pipeline and other matters of the environment

A relevant and current addendum to this post is the 2014 Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change accessible here. Last Sunday after church I stopped by a table staffed by two members of the environmental organization MN350. This day they were encouraging action against a proposed expansion of the Alberta Clipper Pipeline of […]

#850 – Ed Ehlinger: It’s the Little Things that Count

Every now and then a true gold nugget appears in my in-box, and this evening was one such nugget, from Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Health. His commentary is presented here with his permission. Wonderful Sharer of Story Anne Dunn, to whom he refers in his writing, is a long-time good friend of […]

#814 – Dick Bernard: Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Windmill

As usual, I was lolly-gagging a bit behind the rest of the group as we toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin East near Spring Green WI on October 16. Like the rest of my species, picture-takers, whether rank amateur (me) or professional, we tend to fall behind because we see this or that that would make, […]

#786 – Dick Bernard: Now the really hard work begins: To the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra, Maestro Osmo Vanska and the Audience.

NOTE: Permanent “file cabinet” on the Orchestra issue is here. Twenty-four hours before I found my seat at the Ted Mann Concert Hall Saturday evening October 5, I was at the closing reception at the Will Steger Exhibit at the Minnesota College of Art and Design. I was fascinated by the artifacts, and at 7:20 […]

#768: Dick Bernard: Heritage. An Enchanting Evening at La Farm

Sunset August 31 was 8:02 p.m. CDT in rural Ashby MN. At that time I went outdoors to try to catch the moment in a snapshot: (click to enlarge any photo) (A small album of additional photos is on Facebook, here.) Behind me, indoors in the small farm house, now a home and retreat place […]

#761 – Dick Bernard: A Full Moon, Pretty Flowers…and owning a mistake

UPDATE, August 20, 2013 9:45 p.m. A short while ago we drove east from Minneapolis, driving into the Full Moon rising. The sky was clear and the view was spectacular. Pity that I only had my small camera, with which I took this snapshot. The moon was, for me at least, a positive harbinger of […]