#866 – Dick Bernard: The meaning of Mary Burke

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court gave even more political power to Big Wealth. My in-box was full of talk about what this means for the country. Since I’d be described, correctly, as “leaning Left”, you can guess where my chatter comes from. I often rely on Alan at Just Above Sunset to summarize what […]

#863 – Dick Bernard: An unintended re-learning about something I already knew: the Rapid Change in How We Communicate in Contemporary Society

POSTNOTE: The “work in progress” referred to below is complete as of April 13, 2014. During the past few days I have been involved in a “headache” assignment, self-imposed, but still a headache. For years I’ve had a very large notebook including 145 newsletters from a small, very low budget, but vibrant organization I was […]

#854 – Dick Bernard: GreenCardVoices.com: A Project to Document our Nation of Immigrants

One week from today, Wednesday, March 12, a fundraiser to celebrate the power of immigrant stories will be held at Target Field, Minneapolis. You are encouraged to attend, and make others aware of this important event as well. All details, including bios of the speakers, are here. Your RSVP is requested. Ours is a nation […]

#848 – Dick Bernard: "Vatigate" on PBS Front Line

We just watched a powerful hour and a half about the Catholic Church – my lifelong Church – on PBS’ Frontline. Do take the time. You can watch Secrets of the Vatican here. I will comment later. UPDATE: Sunday, March 2, 2014 A week ago, prior to knowing that this program would play, came an […]

#841 – Dick Bernard: Reflecting on "Going for the Gold" in Sochi

This will probably be modified later today (it’s 10:30 AM CST). Comments are solicited. There are three photos, below, which may be of interest. Last night I watched a portion of the Opening Ceremonies at the Sochi Olympics. It was an impressive spectacle, as usual. I saw the Americans come in, and the Russians, and […]

#840 – Dick Bernard: Misinformation, The Tyranny of Language: a Suggestion.

The February 6, 2013, Minneapolis Tribune carried an interesting column in the Opinion section: “What we can learn from abortion decline”, by William Saletan. The subhead said that “with the [abortion] rate down 13 percent, both sides are right about some of the factors”, and in the second paragraph: “Pro-lifers are right that the decline […]

#816 – Dick Bernard: A not-at-all-ordinary Christmas Gift.

Last Friday my friend Kathy gave me a plain unwrapped CD of Christmas season music: “Home for Christmas” by Susan Boyle. The CD is very good. That was expected. Susan Boyle is known to me. One of my first first blogs, mid-April, 2009, was about Susan Boyle’s appearance on the international scene. I saw the […]

#798 – Dick Bernard: Affordable Care Act. Light Years. Peaking too soon.

A night or two ago CBS Evening News did what news reports always seem to do: in order to capsulize the latest crisis, they had short interviews with two women in Virginia after Tuesdays election. The unsuccessful candidate for Governor had made Obamacare the prime issue, and while he lost, the margin was less than […]

#783 – Dick Bernard: Shut Down: A Continuing National Tragedy (and don't forget the Minnesota Orchestra)

This morning, last I heard, one of our five “outlaws” (one of their children is married to one of our children) gets on a plane in Minneapolis, flying to Washington D.C., for a reunion planned a year ago with several friends from the husbands Army days together in Vietnam times. They are from all over […]

#770 – Dick Bernard: Exorcising "Power"

The word in the subject line, “exorcising”, is not misspelled, and the quotation marks around “Power” are intended. This morning’s Minneapolis Star Tribune had as it’s primary front page story, “[Minnesota] Orchestra board firm in face of the risks”. The story runs 36 column inches and (as of 9:30 a.m.) if it is in the […]