#235 – Dick Bernard: The "sustainability" of Rage

It was a bit over a year ago – July 24, 2009 – when I wrote my first blog post about Health Care Reform. It was about that time when I got the first of many forwarded e-mails raging about intrusion of the government into health care policy, citing chapter and verse from some huge […]

#232 – Dick Bernard: Politics on a Stick

Yesterday was the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, and like much of Minnesota, my State Fair gene kicks in, and I’ll make my way there, zombie-like, making my usual rounds, having my usual “health foods”, and come home again. It’s an annual ritual. I can’t help myself…. Every two years, coincident with the State […]

#221 – Dick Bernard: Flogging the "Truth"

Yesterday’s news brought three bits that seem very much related and pertinent. Then, today, came a John Stewart piece that is an appropriate summary. 1. A St. Paul man, Koua Fong Lee, was released from jail halfway through an eight year sentence for criminal vehicular homicide. The judge said he was entitled to a new […]

#215 – Dick Bernard: Believing oUrSelves to death.

I have chosen the blessing (or curse) of receiving and sending lots of e-mails. I have not warmed to the banter that seems to prevail in Facebook, and I will probably never be a part of the 144-character Twitter culture. I like handwritten letters, which are essentially extinct. Open and rational conversation amongst people with […]

#190 – Dick Bernard: Four Films

Someone looking for me would not start at movie theaters: movies are an infrequent destination. Still, in the past seven days I viewed four films in four very different venues. Each of the films had (and have) diverse messages…beyond the films themselves. Last Sunday, the destination was The Minneapolis Film Festival showing of a documentary, […]

#170 – Dick Bernard: "Big Brother is [Manipulating] You"

Yesterday I went through the aggravating exercise of converting our television to a new system required by our provider, a company not to be named, though it shares the first three letters of “company” as the first three letters of its name. For some weeks we had been warned by an endless trailer on screen […]

#130 – Dick Bernard: "the gods must be crazy"

December 13, 2003, I arrived back from Haiti, all imbued with idealism, but pretty certain that Haiti’s democratically elected government would be deposed, though not sure how or by whom. I had met a lot of people who were standing by President Aristide, even though it was clear that his government was being starved out […]

#116 – Dick Bernard: Denying Reality

Recently, I’ve read several articles, research based, on the truly dangerous behavior of humans:  denying reality. The long and short: we live in a society where we believe what we want to believe…and most of us are in a position, at least for the moment, where we can get away with it.  Climate Change?  No […]

#112 – Dick Bernard: "La Grippe"

This morning a New York Times bulletin said “Obama Declares H1N1 Flu a National Emergency“.  The summary said “Mr. Obama had signed a proclamation that would allow medical officials to bypass certain federal requirements.  Officials described the move as similar to a declaration ahead of a hurricane making landfall.” Preparedness is great.  But my initial […]

#100 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts at a Century of Blogging

Sure, “century” is grandiose, since I’m celebrating, here, the 100th blog entry in just short of 200 days as a more or less official part of a blogosphere.  (To be “official”, you just have to be foolish enough to get yourself a space on the ‘net, and then post something on your bulletin board.  I […]