#520 – Dick Bernard: A Million Copies

Sometimes, something is just too good to wait. This morning I had the opportunity to re-union in St. Paul with Marion Brady. Marion and I were long time members of a quality education e-list maintained by the National Education Association (NEA). We “met” on-line in the mid-1990s, and had only seen each other in person […]

Dick Bernard: Looking at Public Schools from Outside the Walls

To easily find this page in the future, simply enter the letters OTW in the search box for outsidethewalls.org/blog. UPDATE July 13, 2012 These are thoughts gathered over time which may help generate additional thoughts and ideas for readers. 1. Thoughts on Organizing: A. An assortment of thoughts on The Future for Public Sector Unions […]

#82 – Marion Brady: A message to students

#mce_temp_url# NOTE FROM MODERATOR:  This YouTube video, produced by Marion Brady, is a simple very well done video message to today’s students, educators and policy makers.  I would highly recommend that educators and leaders and policy makers for public education be made aware of the video. For 77 years Marion Brady has been immersed in […]

#30 – Marion Brady: A very serious and comprehensive look at the need for Public Education Reform

Note from Moderator:  For 77 years Marion Brady has been immersed in public education in numerous roles, from student to teacher to text book author to informed commentator on public education.  In blog entry #10, (April 24, 2009), Marion laid out a very simple, but very essential prescription for necessary change in Public Education practice […]

#10 – Marion Brady: An affirmative response to Corporate America's big "RIGOR!" push

Note from Moderator: I’ve known Marion Brady since the mid-1990s when I joined a national Quality Education listserv. For many years, Marion has been a consistent and articulate spokesperson for substantive change in how young people are educated. He was a regular columnist for a major newspaper in his home state of Florida. Recently he […]