#144 – Dick Bernard: Looking to the future, by looking at the past.

We haven’t seen the just-released blockbuster “Avatar” as yet. This review has increased my interest in actually seeing the movie. Of course, Avatar is not “real”, as in reality, but sometimes films like these are helpful to think more seriously about the longer term. It apparently is a fantasy encouraging people to really look at […]

#111 – Loren Halvorson: From Hidden Roots: The Genesis of Social Regeneration

UPDATE February 18, 2010: R.I.P. Loren Halverson. Loren passed away February 15, 2010 at 82. Obituary and funeral arrangements. Moderator:  This is a first for this blog – a book, online.  163 pages, eight chapters.  Do take a stroll through the chapters, in two parts, at the following web addresses:  #mce_temp_url# and #mce_temp_url#.  The book appears […]