Dick Bernard: After the Shock: Moving Forward After November 8, 2016

POSTNOTE Nov. 11, 2016: Comments at the end of this post. In addition, I highly recommend “Broken Glass“, posted overnight, with lots of reflective long term thinking. We are in the first days at the fork in our national road – which fork do we choose? Each of us bear part of the burden. * […]

#1155 – Governor Wendell R. Anderson

This afternoon, Monday Aug. 15, at 2 p.m., is the Memorial Service for “Wendy” Anderson at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, 5025 Knox Ave S. (50th and Knox) in south Minneapolis. His obituary can be read here. I only met Gov. Anderson twice, both in 2008-09, the second at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Festival at […]

#1154 – Dick Bernard: The Danger of Dog Whistle Politics.

Yesterday, Donald Trump made a statement about the Second Amendment and Hillary Clinton. Just Above Sunset summarizes reporting on the event here. This morning my friend, Joyce, sent the link to a New York Times column by Thomas Friedman remembering the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin Nov. 4, 1995, and drawing parallels to the Trump comment. […]

#1153 – Dick Bernard: The Minnesota Primary Election

Today is Minnesota’s Primary election. If Minnesota is your home state, and you’re an eligible voter, take the time to vote, and vote well informed, and pass the word. The information you need is easily accessible: here. Most places you’ll see that this is a “boring election”. There are few races. But boring elections are […]

#1135 – Dick Bernard: A Christian, A Moslem and A Jew

This morning I was in line at my daily coffee place in Woodbury, Caribou at City Center. The lady two persons ahead of me, in Hijab, was chuckling. “I’m cheating”, she said. She apparently had seen something in the pastry case…. (For the unaware, Muslims are about midway in the month of Ramadan). Her gentle […]

#1119 – Dick Bernard: The Armenian Genocide, 1915-23

(click to enlarge photos. This post includes two parts, with information from Lou Ann Matossian and Peter Balakian Updated May 9, 2016_ The internet brought an announcement of “A presentation and discussion led by Lou Ann Matossian on “Armenian Genocide Education and the Community.” I went to the presentation at the University of Minnesota last […]

#1097 – Dick Bernard: A Reflective Time

A few days ago a few folks in California, Tennessee and Florida won the largest lottery in history.  Judging from the news, there was, even knowing the chances of winning were near zero, the thrill of the dream of riches with almost no effort! The day after the drawing, I had my date with the […]

#1086 – Dick Bernard: "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream…A Million Copies Made"

Eight years ago – it was June of 2007 – I decided to drop in on the annual meeting of World Citizen, one of the member groups of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, of which I was then President. During this meeting, an elderly man, Lynn Elling, who turned out to be the person who […]

#1067 – Dick Bernard: French-Canadian Special Event on Genealogy, Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Oct 2, 2015

Friday evening, October 2, the French-American Heritage Foundation (FAHF) hosts a special event focusing on genealogy in Maple Grove MN. All details are here. Time is short, so check this now, if interested*. The event venue is in the heart of what used to be one of the French-Canadian rural settlement centers in what is […]

#898 – Dick Bernard: United States Flag Day June 14, 2014

PRE-NOTE: Do you have any flag stories – things you remember? I’d like to hear from you. * Today is Flag Day in the United States. I’m a bit old-fashioned: a stand and doff-the-hat kind of guy when the American flag comes by. But I see a lot of misuse of the flag as a […]