Republicans on Fire

You might wish to read this summary of the freshly minted “Tax Reform” bill. My summary: 1) The rich get much, much richer, permanently, by Law. Most especially, the great populist, Donald Trump and his family, make out like bandits. 2) The rest of us seem to get a little richer in 2018, but that […]

Tax “Reform”; Robert Mueller

Today is one week to Christmas Day. Who wants (or has time) to be bothered with taxes and criminal investigations? Read “Gifting America” if you wish. I recommend your taking the time. Then decide what you are going to do…and when…or if…. It’s “Christmas future” we’ll all be facing, possibly about to be snuck in […]

The Reformation at 500 Years

500 years ago today, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door at his home church in Germany. It basically was the beginning of the end of the First Reich (which most know as “the Holy Roman Empire“). Saturday night we were privileged to be among over 1,000 people at Basilica of St. […]

Vietnam, 17 hours, 30 years, and the road ahead.

Earlier posts on the Vietnam series: Sep 9, Sep 13, Sep 19 , Sep 21 * I watched every hour of the now complete and powerful Ken Burns/Lynn Novick retrospective on the War in Vietnam, 1945-75. Today begins reflection after a powerful two weeks. What does this all mean to me? To us? How can […]

The International Criminal Court

Wednesday was the International Day of Peace, set by the United Nations as a permanent day to highlight the cause of peace in our world. Thursday evening I was privileged to be able to hear about the International Criminal Court (ICC) from two representatives from the Twin Cities NGO, World Without Genocide. Your time will […]

Health Care For Some: Our Contemporary Vietnam

We’re in a mad race to another precipice, and once again, “politics”, which is “we, the people”, will be the likely driver. There is a desperate need to finally kill President Obama’s signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act of 2010. (Sorry: “OBAMACARE”, said with a sneer.) There is no reason, other than repeating a mantra […]

On Losing Hope…Don’t….

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” (Proverb, uncertain origin) As the awful days of 2017 drag on, I am very tempted to give up. Why bother? There seems little reason to hope for any improvement in our increasingly awful status quo – a fate we freely chose last November. If you watch […]

Dick Bernard: Killing Obama; Committing Suicide

POSTNOTE Monday June 26: Saturday morning I first saw the three word message on the public blackboard at my coffee place. Six hours later was an added message, also shown below. This morning someone else had written a few words in defense of taxes. Overnight came Just Above Sunset about the disastrous consequences of getting […]

#1260 – Dick Bernard: A Perspective on Refugees.

Entire Brochure can be viewed here: ARC – Doing the Doable001 Thursday evening Daniel Wordsworth of the American Refugee Committee (ARC) gave his perspectives on the “Global Refugee Crisis”. It was a powerful evening for the 50 of us in attendance. (click to enlarge) There are tens of thousands of “NGOs” (non-governmental organizations) like ARC. […]

Dick Bernard: The Women's March, en avant!*

In my post on inauguration day Jan. 20, I said we planned to go to the Women’s March in St. Paul last Saturday. I’m getting over a cold, and the day was drizzly, and common sense prevailed: we took one of my daughters and two granddaughters to a movie, Moana, whose heroes (heroines? sheroes?) are […]