Waiting around….

NOTE TO READERS: For some months my wordpress was being cantankerous with me. At first, it wasn’t allowing me to do edits. The disease seemed progressive. I had grandiose thoughts that I had been hacked, and was being silenced. Finally, I called Jody, who’d first put me on the internet 16 years ago, and set […]

Special Events in Minneapolis MN

(click to enlarge) Printable pdf: World Law Day 2018-05 Louisa Hext FLYER Reservations requested for the May 1 dinner, information on the Flyer. This will be the 6th World Law Day program, continuing a tradition which began in 1964. Exhibit continues for eight more days, including Sunday 2-5 p.m. and Monday noon to 4 p.m. […]

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s life is not a new subject for me. I put his name in my own search box and it shows up in 43 different posts. Here’s the photo I used September 5, 2011. This book was a gift from […]

At the season….

My handy-dandy computer calendar reminds me that today is Passover, yesterday was Good Friday, and tomorrow is Easter…also April Fools Day. Today is the second full moon of March, a “blue moon”. We were supposed to be at the edge of a band of heavy snow to the north of us – seems to have […]

Easter in North Dakota, 1905

On February 28, 1905, my Grandmother Rosa Berning married my Grandfather Ferdinand Busch at Sinsinawa WI. They moved to Henrietta Township ND after their wedding. Their first Easter as a married couple was April 23, 1905. Here’s an old card sent to them sometime in the early years of their marriage. (click to enlarge) 1905 […]

Kids, being the change….

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune had this full page ad: (click to enlarge) Much of this mornings Just Above Sunset was about Saturday in D.C. I have just a few comments. (At the end of this post, some comments received about the earlier “Monarchy” post….) I did not join a demonstration on Saturday. I thought this […]

The American Monarchy

For most of my adult life, I have made a practice of active citizenship, including following and participating in politics, though never an active interest in being a “politician” (which, generally in our past, has been an honorable profession). Today we are in very dangerous times in our country. We freely elected a faux-King, a […]

A Political Endorsing Convention: On Showing Up.

Saturday was a very long, exhausting, yet energizing day at the DFL Senate District 53 Convention in Woodbury MN. The final credentials committee report showed 233 registered delegates. By the time we adjourned at 7 p.m. We had endorsed candidates for two state legislative seats, passed 36 resolutions, and elected 18 persons to represent our […]

(3) Our National Insanity

For your weekend: Just Above Sunset for Friday: The Conspiracy To Destroy Our Freedom: here Mueller and Trump: Born to wealth, raised to lead. Then, sharply different choices. from The Washington Post here. More thoughts from readers about prior posts Feb 14-17, 2018: from Jeff: I might agree on the Kent State-Parkland correlation. One would […]

The World Is My Country – Chapter Two

I watched the preview on-line yesterday. All worked perfectly. My suggestion, based on a few questions so far: 1. Reread first two paragraphs AND the PS of Thursdays post, here. 2. Remember the passcode CGS2018, which you need for access to the film. 3. Please watch the entirety of the film, including credits, and do […]