#256 – Dick Bernard: The Chilean Miners

The rescue of the 33 Chilean miners after 69 days underground grabbed and held on to me today. I got up about two a.m. to see the 4th miner reach the surface, and I watched intermittently today, and for an extended period tonight as the final miner reached the surface. For me, personally, the entirety […]

#252 – Dick Bernard: "Waiting for Superman"

UPDATE: February 7, 2011: see end of this post. Were it in my power, I’d require every American adult to spend the one hour 42 minutes needed to watch the documentary “Waiting for Superman“; then I’d assign them to a working group with ten of their peers of differing points of view, with the assignment […]

#241 – Dick Bernard: The Tyranny of the Minority; and the (theoretical) Power of the Majority

Last night on the national news of one of the Big Three (CBS, NBC, ABC) I watched a reporter contextualize for viewers the conflict over allowing 2000-era federal tax cuts to sunset (expire) for those earning over $250,000 a year. The over-$250,000 group is said to represent about 2% of American taxpayers. For the rest […]

#239 – Dick Bernard: Reflections on Labor Day

Most Sundays the patrons of “my” local coffee shop will hear a somewhat odd trio in conversation along the east (street side) wall. Commanding one table is a retired middle manager of a major international corporation, someone who was fairly high up in the food chain in an important division of his company. At the […]

#231 – Dick Bernard: The Minnesota Orchestra; Preparing for the BBC Proms

August 20 we spent a delightful evening at the Minnesota Orchestra Guarantors Concert at Orchestra Hall. We’re long-time subscribers, so the superb music was no surprise. Beginning Friday night, August 27, 2010, the same Minnesota Orchestra performs in London at the famed BBC Proms – the only American orchestra on this years Proms list. Over […]

#217 – Dick Bernard: "Way Out Here"

Every year or two I get re-hooked on Country-Western (CW), and in recent months I’ve had the radio set on the local radio station that plays only CW. It is interesting to listen to CW music, now and then. There is a particular dark side to the often simple down home laments. Like the guy […]

#205 – Dick Bernard: The Looming Twin Cities Nurses Strike: Apparently Settled

Overnight came a bulletin from the Minnesota Nurses Association, announcing a tentative agreement between Twin Cities Nurses and the Hospitals which employ them. The vote is next week, on the same day the strike was to begin. It is very good news, for everyone involved. Having spent a long career as a teachers union representative […]