#783 – Dick Bernard: Shut Down: A Continuing National Tragedy (and don't forget the Minnesota Orchestra)

This morning, last I heard, one of our five “outlaws” (one of their children is married to one of our children) gets on a plane in Minneapolis, flying to Washington D.C., for a reunion planned a year ago with several friends from the husbands Army days together in Vietnam times. They are from all over […]

#782 – Dick Bernard: To the Audience of the Minnesota Orchestra. Thoughts about the Future at the one-year anniversary of the Lock-Out

NOTES: I wrote previously to the Audience of the Minnesota Orchestra here. The group Save Our Symphony MN has an excellent chronology of the history of this conflict. You can read it here: chronology2013-09-25 I’m sure it will be updated. The Musicians website is here. Support the Musicians. Come to the rally today, and one […]

#776 – Dick Bernard: A letter to the Audience* of the Minnesota Orchestra

NOTE: The ongoing “parking lot” for all links regarding the Minnesota Orchestra is at August 30, 2013, here. Ongoing information from the musicians point of view is here. On Sunday, September 8, 2013, a full page ad appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, paid for by the Minnesota Orchestra Board, headlined “Eight Days Left. But […]

#773 – Dick Bernard: The Minnesota Orchestra, Facing Armageddon, and "A Man's Reach"

The Minnesota Orchestra Managements full page ad in the Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune ominously said: “Eight days left….” Today is Thursday. That must mean there are four days left, which means next Monday is the day. According to the folks who approved the copy for the ad, anyway. I wonder how I’d vote, if in […]

#770 – Dick Bernard: Exorcising "Power"

The word in the subject line, “exorcising”, is not misspelled, and the quotation marks around “Power” are intended. This morning’s Minneapolis Star Tribune had as it’s primary front page story, “[Minnesota] Orchestra board firm in face of the risks”. The story runs 36 column inches and (as of 9:30 a.m.) if it is in the […]

#767 – Dick Bernard: The "Filing Cabinet" on The Minnesota Orchestra Lock-Out

MOST RECENT UPDATE with comments at end of this post July 11, 2014. Most recent blog post Dec 4, 2014 (see below) COMMENTS to dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom. This originated as “The Minnesota Orchestra Lock-Out: “Push” coming rapidly to “Shove”, published on August 30, 2013. This is the permanent “Filing Cabinet” for subsequent information relating to the Minnesota […]

#765 – Rosa, Joyce, Bill, Carol, Madeline, Jane, Jermitt, Jeff, John, Dick, Will, Peter: The March on Washington August 28, 1963, reflections by folks who weren't there, but were impacted, then and now.

Related Post: August 27, 2013 Highly recommended book (still in print): Why We Can’t Wait, by Martin Luther King, published 1964, about the year 1963. PRE-NOTE: This is a very long post (about 10 times the length of a typical post at this space), but (in my opinion) worth your time and your own reflection […]

#762 – Dick Bernard: Minnesota Orchestra Lock-Out. What's ahead?

UPDATE: August 21, 2013: This important link forwarded by John B, received from “my niece, an attorney in Albuquerque. She once worked for the MN Orch Youth Symphony and is a cello player from St. Olaf.” August 24, 2013: In the 23rd Star Tribune an article appeared on page B3 of the Metro Section giving […]

#761 – Dick Bernard: A Full Moon, Pretty Flowers…and owning a mistake

UPDATE, August 20, 2013 9:45 p.m. A short while ago we drove east from Minneapolis, driving into the Full Moon rising. The sky was clear and the view was spectacular. Pity that I only had my small camera, with which I took this snapshot. The moon was, for me at least, a positive harbinger of […]

#760 – Dick Bernard: The End of the Line for the late-great Minnesota Orchestra?

UPDATE August 19, 2013: here IMPORTANT NOTE RE TUESDAY, AUGUST 20: click HERE UPDATE: August 18, 2013: In the middle of this commentary are some pertinent thoughts about what is happening at the Minnesota Orchestra. Note the four paragraphs which start with the para “While no one has…” and end with “Do rank and file […]