#796 – Dick Bernard: Green Card Voices

Today was one of those days where the unexpected trumped the average and ordinary, and in a positive way. There were a couple of items on todays agenda. They were accomplished, but they were also rans in terms of interest value. I stopped, first, at my 92 year old friends house. He invited me to […]

#714 – Dick Bernard: The Youngers restore my hope.

Today was the 10th annual Diversity Day at Jefferson High School in Bloomington MN. I’ve been to the last six. Today did not have the annual outdoor fun-run between Jefferson and rival Kennedy due to inclement weather. Snow in May is not impossible here, but it is unusual. It was unpleasant enough to force most […]

#692 – "Sahn Pahl", some points of view on pronunciation of French words

A fellow Franco-American, Jerry Foley, sent around an interesting letter from a Quebec visitor which he saw in the February 11, 2013, St. Paul Pioneer Press, entitled Sahn Pahl. Several of us, all with an interest in the general topic of being of French ancestry, or speaking or familiar with the language, weighed in with […]

#416 – Dick Bernard: The Downside of Belief.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune accompanied us enroute to our vacation on July 23. The front page headline said it all, “TERROR IN NORWAY“, recounting the heinous attack by a lone Norwegian which included over 90 deaths, mostly young people at a youth camp and in Oslo itself. I had read the entire article early that […]

#398 – Dick Bernard: Day 8 of the Minnesota Shutdown; 25 days to D-Day in Washington D.C. Going to a Family Reunion

At 7 a.m. I leave home in my trusty 2003 Toyota Corolla, enroute to a family reunion in the Dubuque Iowa area. I’ve decided to do the trip on the slower but much more scenic and interesting Mississippi River Road. Weather is supposed to be good, and this is always a beautiful trip. I’ll be […]

#278 – Dick Bernard: Muslims of the Midwest: From the 1880s to 2010

Back on September 5, 2010, I posted “A Close Encounter With a Mosque“, remembering a friendship in the 8th grade in Ross, North Dakota in 1953-54. In the mysterious ways such things work, someone saw the blog post, liked it, and on November 13, 2010, I found myself on stage at the annual celebration and […]

#238 – Dick Bernard: A close encounter with a Mosque

Related post Nov. 14, 2010 here. The abundant insanity (that’s what it is – insanity) around the proposed (and approved) Islamic Center in lower Manhattan caused me to revisit a significant time in my youth. In the summer of 1953 I was about to enter 8th grade. We had moved to the tiny village of […]

#209 – Richard Bigelow: Thoughts on Attitudes towards Immigration and Immigrants

Mr. Bigelow lives in border country Texas and grew up in rural Colorado. He responds, here, to one of those ubiquitous basically anti-immigrant – if you’re not “white like me” rants that whiz around the internet – anonymous hate speech. “Yes, I have some different thoughts on immigration than those in the letter you sent. […]

#194 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts on "illegals", "Mexicans" et al.

Four of us hit the road from the Twin Cities to Denver early tomorrow morning. We will look like pretty typical older people, and unless we do something crazy, will probably make the trip out and back without attracting any attention whatsoever, even on Memorial Day when the police are thick as flies in a […]