#122 – Dick Bernard: Thanksgiving 2009

Last week I had two opportunities to listen to a motivated lady, Margaret Trost, head of WhatIf? Foundation, a U.S. non-profit dedicated to the possibility that some hungry children in Haiti might have at least one good meal a week. Margaret was inspired nearly ten years ago when she made her first trip to Haiti, […]

#113 – Dick Bernard: Being a face of hope

Thursday we attended a luncheon for a group, Friends of the Orphans #mce_temp_url# .  The Town and Country Club in St. Paul was packed with persons, there to learn about helping bring hope to orphans in Haiti, Central and South America. Our guest speaker was Fr. Rick Frechette of the Passionist Mission in Haiti.  Fr. Rick […]

#26 – Dick Bernard: NIMBY – Are we killing ourselves through "fear itself"?

Shortly I will join a webinar sponsored by the Connect US Fund (www.connectusfund.org).  The title of the session “The Fear Factor: A briefing on communication and messaging from U.S. In The World”.   The  suggested readings are listed at the end of this posting.  They are very interesting.   I write intentionally before that session convenes.  […]