#309 – Dick Bernard: Prelude to Bells for Haiti, 3:53 p.m. CST January 12, 2011

One year ago today – it was Sunday, January 10, 2010 at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis MN – I was privileged to hear one of the most powerful messages for justice I have ever heard. The event is described in a blog post I did at the time. You can access it […]

#303 – Dick Bernard: A Christmas Message "what's in a word"

We attended Christmas morning Mass at Minneapolis’ Basilica of St. Mary, where the celebrant was Archbishop John Nienstedt of the Diocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. The Archbishop’s homily was on the theme of the importance of words: “what’s in a word”. I was particularly struck by a story he related at the end of his sermon. […]

#297 – Dick Bernard: Bells for Haiti, January 12, 2011

UPDATE JANUARY 12, 2011: My post for today re Haiti. January 10, 2011 post on Haiti UPDATE JANUARY 11, 2011: Twin Cities focus News Release for the Bells for Haiti Committee: Honoring Haiti, One Year Later: Bells to Sound Across Minnesota on Wednesday, January 12th City Halls, Churches, and Schools to Toll their Bells at […]

#273 – Dick Bernard: Haiti. Some thoughts, 10 months after the earthquake.

“Alone in the vast universe I froze hell over And walked on its ashes To create my own history.” (The Haitian struggle – the greatest David vs Goliath battle being played out on this planet.) Ezilidanto November 8, 2010 Last week we attended a very impressively organized Festival for Haiti. People there, cared about Haiti […]

#266 – Dick Bernard: Moving towards Rationality, Civility and Dialogue…or mired in Contempt?

I walked away from a TV commentary show a few hours ago. The host is someone I like and respect; his guests were four leaders from a few of the infinite number of different organizations that claim to be of like minds, but really have very narrow, poorly thought out, and often opposing agendas. The […]

#216 – Dick Bernard: "Wherever you go, you must find your own Calcutta"

Sunday one of my favorite Catholic Priests, Fr. Joe Gillespie, was recalling a 1994 visit to Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity in Calcutta. At the time, he was a university professor in the United States, and he came by unannounced during a heavy monsoon rain. He knocked on the door and a Nun answered. “Would […]

#210 – Dick Bernard: A Farm Freezer, Haiti, the Oil Spill and US

Monday, July 12, was the six month anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince and area in Haiti. That same day, I spent a few hours helping my Uncle and Aunt, out at their now-empty North Dakota farm. (They’ve lived in a nearby town for several years – an option they don’t like, but […]

#190 – Dick Bernard: Four Films

Someone looking for me would not start at movie theaters: movies are an infrequent destination. Still, in the past seven days I viewed four films in four very different venues. Each of the films had (and have) diverse messages…beyond the films themselves. Last Sunday, the destination was The Minneapolis Film Festival showing of a documentary, […]

#186 – Dick Bernard: Haiti today and tomorrow, as viewed by Dr. Joia Mukherjee of Partners in Health

Less than two months after the devastating January 12 earthquake, Haiti has become old news. Dr. Joia Mukherjee, native of Bengal and graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, and for 11 of her 17 years as a physician part of Partners in Health, brought Haiti back in sharp focus before a large audience […]

#164 – Dick Bernard: Haiti, an Anniversary

Six years ago today – actually it was February 29, 2004, Leap Year – Haiti’s President was loaded on a United States aircraft and removed from Haiti. The United States called it a “resignation” by Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Aristide – who should know – said it was not a resignation. Whatever the case, President Aristide was […]