Bobby Kennedy

PRENOTE:  You’re an occasional visitor to this space?  If you’re interested in what I’ve been musing about, click on any month on the calendar at right, and the posts for that month will come up.  June 5, I published a brief post on Iftar, for example. * Today, I went over to the excellent 1968 Exhibit […]

(2) Our National Insanity

Once again, a gremlin in editing feature of my blog…So, once again, I need to do a chapter 2. Two comments came soon after publication about the Newsweek article about Al Franken: from Eric: I went to Newsweek to read the Franken piece you highlighted. They have taken it down because they couldn’t verify it. […]

Our National Insanity

Published as the students from Marjory Stoneman Johnson are speaking in Tallahassee FL. Previous related posts: Feb. 14, Feb 15, Feb. 17 (two posts) Today is one week out from the massacre at Parkland, Florida. In the last 48 hours came two items that especially drew my attention. There are many, many more such items, […]

(2) “Editors Update” notes” for February 17:

Once again the ‘gremlin’ said ‘no’ to some important updates to the previous post, dated also today (see updates below). This is the fourth post in this “thread”: Feb. 14, 15 and earlier today. When I contemplated the Valentine’s Day post, and the Ash Wednesday connection with it, I could not have conceived of what […]

Communicating. Parkland. Littleton.

Friday came this powerful Facebook post from my daughter, a suburban Middle School Principal. “Every single day I walk into my school as the principal, it crosses my mind. “Will today be the day it happens here?” Every single day I wonder about the student we suspended that said horrible things as they were escorted […]

Guns, Again.

A very sad iconic photo of the Ash Wednesday/Valentine’s Day massacre at the school in Florida: Florida school massacre001. (That’s the reason for the cross on the ladies forehead.) If nothing else, take time today to visit these two websites: That’s Gabby Giffords, then Arizona Congresswoman, shot doing the business of being Congresswomman Jan. […]

Donald Trump/Charlottesville; Woodrow Wilson/Birth of a Nation

In memory of Heather Heyer, fatality at Charlottesville, and the other injured at Charlottesville VA. Recommended reading: The Age of Anger by Pankaj Mishra. * Sometimes it may be useful to consider a problem from a different perspective. With all the justifiable horror of Charlottesville, I have been noticing, within my own circles, increasing attention […]

Dick Bernard: Castile-Yanez

If you opened this post, you know the names and that the Jury decision in this case was national news last night; and occupied a great amount of space in today’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune (our at home newspaper). I’ve written twice about this case, both in the summer of 2016. You can read them here; and […]

#1144 – Dick Bernard: The "Incident" in Falcon Heights MN July 6, 2016

NOTE: Responses welcome, to: dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom. Indicate if you are willing to share your reponse; it and others will be included in a later post at this space. Thursday, I posted about the 100th anniversary of the end of the awful carnages in 1916 at the Somme and Verdun, France. Jeff, who recommended the reminder of […]

The Massacre in Orlando

POSTNOTE June 18: A letter to the editor which I will submit to the local newspaper next week (I missed this weeks deadline). “The entire Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall […]