#377 – Dick Bernard: The Fargo Tornado of June 20, 1957

Two grandsons and I were enjoying a major league baseball game at Minnesota Twins Target Field on May 25. It was a perfect day for a ballgame at this new park, which is at the very edge of downtown Minneapolis. (click on photos to enlarge them) I couldn’t help but think that a few days […]

#372 – Dick Bernard: Spring inches northward.

Today, May 10 in suburban St. Paul MN, the leaves on the trees have burst out, and the leafy green of woods in spring has returned once again. Exactly one month ago, in suburban Albuquerque NM, I was taking a solitary walk along the Rio Grande River, and noticed a simple tree which intrigued me […]

#248 – Dick Bernard: Awaiting a new season

One of the duties on a quick visit to the home farm near Berlin ND was to harvest the last of the land falls off the apple tree beside the house. This was a good year for apples – at least for three of the four trees on the homestead – but very few of […]

#230 – Dick Bernard: Lynn Elling, A World Citizen and Witness for Peace

Every now and then, if one pays attention, someone wanders into their life and makes a difference just by being who he or she is. For me, one such person is Lynn Elling, Minneapolis, closing in on 90 years young, and 67 years of marriage to Donna. Lots of us want to make a difference. […]

#210 – Dick Bernard: A Farm Freezer, Haiti, the Oil Spill and US

Monday, July 12, was the six month anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince and area in Haiti. That same day, I spent a few hours helping my Uncle and Aunt, out at their now-empty North Dakota farm. (They’ve lived in a nearby town for several years – an option they don’t like, but […]

#199 – Dick Bernard: A New Cuyahoga Moment?

Previous posts on this topic: here and here. For years, when I’m “out and about” in our world I’ve made it a practice of picking up the local newspaper, however humble or exalted. So, when we were about to leave Denver on June 6, I picked up the Sunday Denver Post, and when I wasn’t […]

#198 – Dick Bernard: The President, BP, and Energy Policy

I clicked on “publish” on #197 – Taking Responsibility and went to watch President Obama speak to the nation from the Oval Office Tuesday night. The speech is short, well worth watching. As I anticipated in #197, the instant analysis – and criticism – began immediately after the lights went down in the Oval Office. […]

#197 – Dick Bernard: Taking Responsibility

In an hour or so President Obama will deliver an address that will be closely watched world-wide. Afterwards, as he and his advisors know, every word (or lack of same), expression, inflection, will be analyzed and isolated to suit the purposes of endless numbers of observers, who will then cast judgment, positive or negative, on […]

#144 – Dick Bernard: Looking to the future, by looking at the past.

We haven’t seen the just-released blockbuster “Avatar” as yet. This review has increased my interest in actually seeing the movie. Of course, Avatar is not “real”, as in reality, but sometimes films like these are helpful to think more seriously about the longer term. It apparently is a fantasy encouraging people to really look at […]

#140 – Dick Bernard: 500 years

Happy New Year, and new Decade! 2009 ends today. Much of this past year my personal endeavors have been around family history projects. Since late summer, I’ve been tackling an immense task: trying to summarize 400 years of the recorded history of my average and ordinary French-Canadian families experience in North America. (My father was […]