#800 – Dick Bernard: Visiting home.

(click to enlarge) Early this morning I made a solitary drive out to the farm where my mother was born in 1909. I’d been up and down this driveway hundreds of times over the years, but this trip was different. The sky in the east was pink and I knew sunrise was close, but as […]

#784 – Dick Bernard: Some items relating to a better Earth.

Perhaps it is no more than a coincidence, but four events in particular draw my attention to varied initiatives relating to the Earth and its Peoples. 1. Tomorrow is the last day of an exhibition of the Minnesota College Art and design of some of the artifacts of renowned Arctic and Antarctic Explorer Will Steger. […]

#704 – Dick Bernard: "You oughta go tah, Nor Dakota…"*

* – Once upon a time, the North Dakota promotional anthem (at least as I remember it). I can hum it still. Wish it were on YouTube…. But the title “masks” a more serious message, today. Recently, within a day or two of each other, came two links: one from a present day and lifelong […]

#686 – Dick Bernard: Going to listen to Al Gore on "The Future. Six Drivers of Global Change"

Al Gore was in Minneapolis on Thursday, and while I’ve been to lots of speeches, including by Mr. Gore, and didn’t really need to go, there is something that draws me to such events. I got to Westminster Presbyterian Church an hour early, but turned out to be a half-hour late: I got a seat, […]

#655 – Dick Bernard: Ken Burns on PBS: The Dust Bowl, part two

I wrote about the first segment of Ken Burns The Dust Bowl here. Part Two, last evening, was equally compelling. You can watch both part one and two here. Together, the two segments total nearly four hours. They are available on-line through December 4. They are well worth your time. And they provide lots of […]

#654 – Dick Bernard: The Dust Bowl

Sunday evening we watched part one of Ken Burns’ latest photo-documentary: the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. I’d urge everyone to watch this series, which is playing on public broadcasting around the nation. You can watch the program online here, but only through Monday, November 19. Consult your local listing regarding part two. Born in […]

#584 – Lee Dechert in his own words

UPDATE June 26, 2012: Here is the obituary on Lee Dechert. NOTE: Comments on Lee from Andy Driscoll and Will Shapira can be found at the very end of this post. There may be others, later. Richard Lee Dechert (that’s as in French: pronounced d-share) passed away quietly at home on June 21. Years ago […]

#537 – Dick Bernard: Spring "Yard Work"

Today, being a late April day (albeit in the middle of March), with all the snow gone, a short sleeve day and all, seemed a good day to begin the annual housekeeping trek along my walking route which ends on the north side of Carver Lake. Helpfully, one of those small plastic buckets, about a […]

#480 – Dick Bernard: Hon. Lloyd Axworthy on The Responsibility to Protect, et al

UPDATE Nov. 29, 2011: A video of Dr. Axworthy’s talk is accessible here. (It will take a short while to load as it is a long presentation.) How does one recap nearly 50 years of a career in public service presented in under two hours? How does one recap that two hours in 700 words […]

#385 – Dick Bernard: A 2:43 Speech: "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream". A matter of Climate Change and Other Things.

UPDATE/SUPPLEMENT June 19, 2011, here. As we all do, I dream, and I just awoke from a dream whose essential message I remember. This doesn’t always happen. I want to share the dream, and speculate from whence it came. For some reason I found myself as king# of the world, only for a few minutes, […]