#1086 – Dick Bernard: "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream…A Million Copies Made"

Eight years ago – it was June of 2007 – I decided to drop in on the annual meeting of World Citizen, one of the member groups of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, of which I was then President. During this meeting, an elderly man, Lynn Elling, who turned out to be the person who […]

#1018 – Dick Bernard: Earth Day 2015

Today is the 45th Earth Day though, apparently, there are variations. Take some time to notice and support Earth Day efforts in your community. Chances are that something will be going on, at the grass roots, which is where all the effective action seems to take place. As Margaret Mead observed years ago: “Never doubt […]

#978 – Dick Bernard: A Teacher and a Butterfly

Life takes it own course, and in our often too-frantic lives, we miss the gentle things that really make a difference. So it happened, yesterday, that I had to leave, early, the funeral of a retired educator to attend to an equally important duty: taking 10-year old granddaughter, Addy, to the soon-to-end (Jan 8) Monarch […]

#944 – Dick Bernard: Rightsizing.

This past week was a phenomenal early fall day in our area, easily matching the postcard vistas featured for Maine on the evening news. A couple of days ago, I took this snapshot along my walking route: just some brush along the shore of a storm drainage pond. Whatever the source, it’s a nice pic, […]

#933 – Dick Bernard: Working for Change

A couple of weeks ago a waitress at a local restaurant I frequent asked me a question. She knows I’m interested in politics, and her son-in-law, now in law school, had developed a strong interest in the Constitution. Could I give her some ideas? There’s loads of materials on the U.S. Constitution, of course. I […]

#907 – Dick Bernard: The Tool Shed

My friend, Bruce, and I were in one of our occasional jousting modes earlier today. I had sent along a post including a commentary by a self-described member of the .01%ers – the super wealthy. Basically, Mr. Hanauer, reminded his fellow super-wealthy folks that starving the middle class was not productive for the wealthy. The […]

#894 – Dick Bernard: Remembering Pete Seeger

UPDATE JUNE 8, 2014: Here’s the May 3 “For Pete’s Sake” program. Today, June 5, and Friday, June 6, a very special event, the radio replay May 3, 2014, concert in tribute to Pete Seeger. As announced by the show producer, Larry Long, “We are happy to announce that For Pete’s Sake: Celebrating Pete Seeger’s […]

#867 – Dick Bernard: The Tar Sands Pipeline and other matters of the environment

A relevant and current addendum to this post is the 2014 Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change accessible here. Last Sunday after church I stopped by a table staffed by two members of the environmental organization MN350. This day they were encouraging action against a proposed expansion of the Alberta Clipper Pipeline of […]

#865 – Dick Bernard: Uncle Vince, Aunt Edith and Dr. Borlaug

A week ago, out at LaMoure ND, I asked Uncle Vince if he’d like to go for a ride. I knew what his answer would be: “yes”. As long as I’ve known him, a ride in the country is like ice cream to a kid. Farmers like to take a gander at the countryside, regardless […]

#814 – Dick Bernard: Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Windmill

As usual, I was lolly-gagging a bit behind the rest of the group as we toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin East near Spring Green WI on October 16. Like the rest of my species, picture-takers, whether rank amateur (me) or professional, we tend to fall behind because we see this or that that would make, […]