#850 – Ed Ehlinger: It’s the Little Things that Count

Every now and then a true gold nugget appears in my in-box, and this evening was one such nugget, from Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Health. His commentary is presented here with his permission. Wonderful Sharer of Story Anne Dunn, to whom he refers in his writing, is a long-time good friend of […]

#840 – Dick Bernard: Misinformation, The Tyranny of Language: a Suggestion.

The February 6, 2013, Minneapolis Tribune carried an interesting column in the Opinion section: “What we can learn from abortion decline”, by William Saletan. The subhead said that “with the [abortion] rate down 13 percent, both sides are right about some of the factors”, and in the second paragraph: “Pro-lifers are right that the decline […]

#819 – Dick Bernard: The Book Thief, book and movie, a recommendation

Yesterday we took our 14 year old grandson to see the film “The Book Thief”. All of us had read the book: Ryan, two years ago in 7th grade; ourselves, much more recently. We’d all recommend both the book, and the movie, still in theatres, certainly to come in assorted ways to your home. The […]

#797 – Dick Bernard: A School Election

NOTE: I did a post in the Woodbury Patch that is essentially the same as the below post. You can view it here. A directly related column originally appeared in the Woodbury Patch on October 30, 2013. You can view it here. In addition, a letter of mine on the topic of the Woodbury School […]

#793 – Dick Bernard: Revisiting VCSTC (Valley City (ND) State Teachers College, aka Valley City State University)

About a year ago I decided to translate my college years (1958-61) to a blogpost for posterity. The results can be seen here. Initially, my intent was to send my musings around to a few people I remembered from those long ago days, and certainly there was no intent for the post to be as […]

#764 – Dick Bernard: "I have a dream", 50 years later

Tomorrow is the actual anniversary of the “March on Washington” August 28, 1963 – it was a Wednesday then, too. It occurred to me that almost all attention is paid to that day itself, in Washington, and that of the then-population of the United States perhaps one in 1,000 people were there. The heavy lifting […]

#742 – Dick Bernard: Gay Pride outside the Basilica of St. Mary

Today was a most interesting day at Basilica, my home for Sunday Mass almost every Sunday. Inside, it was business as usual. Outside, a short block away in Loring Park was the Gay Pride Festival, and shortly after 9:30 Mass concluded, the Gay Pride Parade would literally pass by the street corner next to the […]

#734 – Dick Bernard: The Kid Returns from DC

Yesterday I asked Cathy, “when’s the kid back?” She suggested, quite reasonably, that I might look at the schedule on the refrigerator door. So I did. “JUNE 18 (TUESDAY) ARRIVE BACK HOME…(by about 10:00 – 11:00 AM)” They were back, just after 11, as promised. “The Kid”, as I like to call him, is Ryan, […]

#730 – Dick Bernard: Community Celebration of Place. As good as it gets.

Even preceding retirement 13 years ago, I wondered about how it would be out in “Elder-land”. I wrote about this recently. Just last night, at a meeting where the age range was from (I’d guess) early 30s to mid 80s we talked about the huge dilemma these days of elder to younger communications. We communicate […]

#728 – Dick Bernard: A great day around kids.

Today I visited two school events, one in Minneapolis, one in South St. Paul. One planned, one last minute. The events caused me to go into my memento box and pull out a little memory book from back in the 1950s. The book seems to be from my Junior year in high school (Antelope Consolidated, […]