2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Bloomington MN. June 6-8, 2016

This years Nobel Peace Prize Forum began yesterday, and continues through tomorrow at the Radisson Blu Hotel at the Mall of America. I’m attending in person. Yesterday’s program was incredibly powerful, and probably today and tomorrow will be as well. It is too late to attend yesterdays; and few of you may be in a […]

#1131 – Dick Bernard: Random Acts of Inspiration

For many years, actually until quite recently, the prestigious Walker Art Center in Minneapolis had an impossible to miss work of art on its wall on Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis: “Bits and Pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole.” (You can see its former presentation at Walker here.) I would guess […]

#1115 – Dick Bernard: A Sad First Day of Spring, 13 years ago. The Day the Bombs Fell on Baghdad.

A few days ago a good friend, Barry, sent some of his friends, including myself, a brief e-mail: “This week on March 20 marks the 13th anniversary of our invasion of Iraq. I encourage you all to send of letters to the editor and remind folks what a fiasco that was and continues to be. […]

#1111 – Dick Bernard: An Ask: Help "Green Card Voices" reach its goal and continue its mission

March 1 an e-mail from Tea Rozman-Clark, Executive Director of Green Card Voices announced a fundraiser which ends Sunday night. I enthusiastically support this fundraiser for this wonderful, indeed essential, organization whose purpose is to celebrate the contributions of immigrants to the United States (thus “Green Card”). You can contribute here. I just looked at […]

#1088 – Christine Loys: A message from COP 21, Paris, the Global Conference on Climate Change

NOTE: The important UN Panel on Climate Change in Paris, COP21, continues (this link provides much information about the conference). It was pushed off the front page by the Nov. 13 tragic attacks in Paris, but my friend, Christine Loys, brought it back to my own radar screen with a welcome recent and unexpected message. […]

#1062 – Dick Bernard: The "Debates"

Last night I turned off the “telley” at 6:30. I missed the “debates” from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley California. Not that there is much to miss. The combatants (that’s what they are) are practicing refining their hopefully winning message to a certain subset of the American electorate who will, in a few months, […]

#1060 – Dick Bernard: The First Day of School

This year is rather unusual in Minnesota. A very late Labor Day means that there have been some deviations from the normal mandatory day after Labor Day start to the 2015-16 school year. Nonetheless, the evening just past was doubtless a nervous one for K-12 students and their teachers and other school staff as the […]

#1027 – Dick Bernard: Remembering 50 years; a Teacher Union Gathering.

Today was the annual Recognition Dinner of Anoka-Hennepin Education Minnesota, and as I’ve done since the first one, in 2001, I always attend. And when I get home, I’m always glad I made the trip to the north suburbs of Minneapolis, to some venue in the Anoka-Hennepin School District. It was a rainy late afternoon, […]

#1005 – Dick Bernard: Photos of Positive People, and a Call to Act.

(click to enlarge) There are lots of good things going on in the world, every day, every where. This fact is easy to miss in a contemporary media environment that incessantly emphasizes bad news. But all one needs to do is to look around, listen, and get engaged. Here’s a little photo gallery, with small […]

#960 – Dick Bernard: A Very Good Morning at S.P.I.F.F.

Last Friday we volunteered for one of those “you’ll have to guess” kinds of assignments. Daughter Joni, Principal at Somerset Elementary in Mendota Heights, asked if we’d be interested in participating in something called “SPIFF” with second graders at the school. “Sure. Why not?” And we headed to an uncertain assignment. We signed in, and […]