#38 – Dick Bernard: Seeing Community (it's all around us)

Last night I was at a celebration dinner for an organization, World Citizen http://www.peacesites.org .  World Citizen is a good group to get to know.  It’s Mission Statement: “Empower the Education Community to Promote a Just and Peaceful World.” At the celebration, one of my table mates was a new acquaintance, Abby, irrepressible, four years […]

#36 – Dick Bernard: President Obama builds a wall behind U.S. (and everyone else)

For previous posts mentioning President Obama, see Categories. A reader comment follows this post Today President Obama is at Normandy; yesterday at Buchenwald; Thursday at Cairo…. The analysis of the Presidents words is and will be unending, but one particular piece of analysis by a single “special interest” group, and some more general articles about […]

#35 – Dick Bernard: President Obama speaks from Cairo

Yesterday afternoon I made a spur of the moment visit to an administrator at a Minneapolis college.  I found his office.  Luckily he was in.  I knocked.  “Come in”, he said.  He was looking at his computer screen, watching a replay of the President Obama speech in Cairo from some hours earlier. My visit to […]

#34 – Bruce Fisher, Carol Ashley: The Conversation about Climate Change

A reader comment follows this post. Note from Moderator: On the local evening news on June 1, the weatherman noted that May, 2009, was one of the driest on record, exceeded only by May, 1934, a year of great drought.  Is May, 2009, just an unusual month of weather, or a looming manifestation of serious […]

#32 – Dick Bernard: Health Care Reform ("Good Morning Vietnam")

Yesterday was spent with a group of about twenty persons.  We were having our annual meeting.  It could be fairly said that with very few exceptions, we all knew each other reasonably well. Someone observing us from the outside would quickly note that we were about the same age.  We would appear to be homogeneous […]

#30 – Marion Brady: A very serious and comprehensive look at the need for Public Education Reform

Note from Moderator:  For 77 years Marion Brady has been immersed in public education in numerous roles, from student to teacher to text book author to informed commentator on public education.  In blog entry #10, (April 24, 2009), Marion laid out a very simple, but very essential prescription for necessary change in Public Education practice […]

#27 – Dick Bernard: The Webinar on Fear, and related happenings, May 21, 2009

 In #26, May 21, 2009, I mentioned an adventure on which I was about to embark: hooking into something called a webinar on “The Fear Factor: A briefing on communication and messaging from U.S. in the World”.   This session was taking place in some conference room in Washington D.C. Apparently at roughly the same time, […]

#25 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts at 25

#25 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts at 25   Today is an anniversary of sorts: I’ve reached the quarter century mark in the world of blogging.  Twenty-five posts is tiny, nonetheless, a good time to do an initial review…and encourage people like you to become contributors of your words.   Today is the 57th day this […]

#23 – Dick Bernard: President Obama at Notre Dame University May 17, 2009

A beautiful Sunday afternoon was very tempting for a good long walk, but I knew that the long anticipated appearance of Barack Obama at Notre Dame was soon to begin, so I delayed the walk and watched the proceedings live on Notre Dame’s website, from the procession of graduates into the fieldhouse, to the remarks […]

#22 – Dick Bernard: Johnny, Carl and Elmer L.

Yesterday’s post on Heather (#21, May 13) got me to thinking back to those “good old days” about which people my age tend to recall so fondly as we face these troubled times. “Wouldn’t it be nice”, we tend to say, “if only we could be transported back into those good old times when life […]