#117 – Dick Bernard: The School Board election

I live in an affluent community.  There is no “other side of the tracks” unless one counts a few Habitat for Humanity houses not far from here, or some lower income apartments.  This is a well educated place, full of professional types. My community is one of several who are part of our local school […]

#116 – Dick Bernard: Denying Reality

Recently, I’ve read several articles, research based, on the truly dangerous behavior of humans:  denying reality. The long and short: we live in a society where we believe what we want to believe…and most of us are in a position, at least for the moment, where we can get away with it.  Climate Change?  No […]

#106 – Dick Bernard: "Capitalism: A Love Story" part II

Part I of this post appeared on October 3. We went to Michael Moore’s new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story”, on Thursday afternoon.  Friday morning I sent out to my own mailing list a short message about the movie, succinctly, “See it.  Not only to learn, but to be a public witness to the reach […]

#82 – Marion Brady: A message to students

#mce_temp_url# NOTE FROM MODERATOR:  This YouTube video, produced by Marion Brady, is a simple very well done video message to today’s students, educators and policy makers.  I would highly recommend that educators and leaders and policy makers for public education be made aware of the video. For 77 years Marion Brady has been immersed in […]

#78 – Dick Bernard: Back to school with the President

Under ordinary circumstances I may not have heard that President Obama was going to give a televised talk to America’s school children at 11 a.m. today.  I’m long retired with no direct ties to public schools. But these are no ordinary circumstances.  Last Friday morning, I got an e-mail, later withdrawn, in which the sender […]

#69 – Dick Bernard: Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Heather, and "…the land of the free, and the home of the" Rave!

Note comments following this posting. Yesterday afternoon, August 11, enroute home from a meeting, I listened to a portion of a public radio talk show about the death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, she of the Kennedy family, and founder of the International Special Olympics.   http://www.eunicekennedyshriver.org/ An hour after I got home, we headed out to suburban […]

#57 – Dick Bernard: The Politics and Practice of Race

The New York Times (NYT) “Breaking News Alert” came in at 3:03 PM ET on Friday, July 24, 2009.  The headline: “Obama Says He Regrets His Language on Gates Arrest“. Anyone stopping by this internet space knows what the flap is about. There is nothing so sacred to a political figure these days as “staying […]

#55 – Dick Bernard: Enobling Peace or Memorializing Eternal War?

UPDATE: August 14, 2012: This post was written July 23, 2009. Last month, James Skakoon visited the ND-Manitoba International Peace Garden, had the same general feelings I had, and when he came home searched the internet to see if he could find any opinions which were similar to his. He found my post, we got […]

#43 – Dick Bernard: Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you biological Dads, and the legions of “Dads” whose role was defined by other than physically being the parent.  Being “father” is a complicated business that defies simple definition.  Even defining my own assorted roles over the 45 years since I first became a father in 1964 would take a […]

#40 – Dick Bernard: Dr. George Tiller May 31, 2009; Stephen T. Johns June 10, 2009: Some thoughts about a conversation

I think I might have a somewhat unusual “spin” on the tragic deaths of Dr. Tiller and Mr. Johns. What Dr. Tiller and Mr. Johns have in common is that they were gunned down in public settings by cold-blooded killers who doubtless felt they were righteous in their deadly actions. After Dr. Tiller was gunned down while […]