#257 – Dick Bernard: Voting

This letter of mine appeared in the October 13, 2010, issue of the Woodbury Bulletin, our local newspaper. Our suburb of about 60,000 population would be considered as prosperous, with a great number of school age children and a correspondingly great number of younger parents who have very good jobs and live in nice houses. […]

#254 – Dick Bernard: A DVD Drama at the Basilica of St. Mary

Last Sunday on the way into Minneapolis’ Basilica of St. Mary for Mass I stopped by a small group of people collecting a DVD Archbishop Marriage001 earlier sent to all Archdiocese Catholics. The DVD lobbies against the supposed threat of Gay Marriage, and promotes a Minnesota Constitutional amendment mandating that marriage be restricted to one […]

#252 – Dick Bernard: "Waiting for Superman"

UPDATE: February 7, 2011: see end of this post. Were it in my power, I’d require every American adult to spend the one hour 42 minutes needed to watch the documentary “Waiting for Superman“; then I’d assign them to a working group with ten of their peers of differing points of view, with the assignment […]

#242 – Dick Bernard: A School for the Feeble-Minded

When I was growing up in the 1940s and 50s, we would occasionally go to visit my Dad’s parents in Grafton ND. While there, one of the certain trips was to the city park, Leistikow Park, on the bank of the Park River. It was an awesome place in the eyes of small town kids […]

#199 – Dick Bernard: A New Cuyahoga Moment?

Previous posts on this topic: here and here. For years, when I’m “out and about” in our world I’ve made it a practice of picking up the local newspaper, however humble or exalted. So, when we were about to leave Denver on June 6, I picked up the Sunday Denver Post, and when I wasn’t […]

#174 – Dick Bernard: Revisiting a column on a teacher's career

UPDATE Sat. March 20, 2010: At the end of this post I mention a long-ago note from a student to my Dad. Yesterday afternoon I located him. He lives in Oregon, and has severe MS. He’s probably about 65 now. His sister, who lives in California and gave me his address, thinks he’ll really appreciate […]

#158 – Bob Barkley: "Useful to those in power…."

I have been reading Howard Zinn’s A Power Governments Cannot Suppress. It is a collection of his essays on a variety of topics all of which portray the benefits of civil action to reign in the powerful. About half way through there is an essay on Nationalism. In it I was struck by the term […]

#143 – Dick Bernard: YouTube, Elders and Youngers

UPDATE January 7, 2010: Representative comments follow, plus a followup observation from the writer of the original post. (I have disabled comments due to an avalanche of ‘spam’. My e-mail address is on the “About” page.) Yesterday afternoon an e-mail announced that I was on YouTube. Since I’ve not been on YouTube before (at least […]

#135 – Dick Bernard: Dad's Shoes

Today is my Dad’s 102nd birthday (he passed away in 1997, not quite reaching 90.) He’s more on my mind than usual this year because, for the last several months, I’ve been trying to summarize 400 years of his French-Canadian ancestry in North America. I’m in the home stretch, now, thanks to many people. I’m […]

#134 – June Johnson: A 1940s Country School Christmas

NOTE: Each year I’m drawn to this essay, written in December, 1985, for the teacher union newsletter on Minnesota’s Iron Range. June Johnson was then a teacher at Bigfork High School. CHIPS FROM THE NORTHERN BRANCH by June Johnson From somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I have plucked a Christmas memory which […]