#727 – Dick Bernard: The Disastrous 2012-13 Minnesota Orchestra Season. A subscribers view.

Note comments as received which are included at the end of this post, and as Responses. Prior Post: here Musicians website here. Tonight, June 1, was supposed to be our last concert for the 2012-13 season of the Minnesota Orchestra (MO). Yesterday, May 31, I went down to view the under-construction area at Orchestra Hall, […]

#717 – Dick Bernard: A 1957 Social Studies Test; and a look back to the future in North Dakota

UPDATE MAY 23, 2013: In the third paragraph, below, is a 100 question test I took in 1957. Scroll down to the UPDATE continuation following the original post, and you will find the Answer Key which I prepared, to the best of my limited ability. If interested, first take the test, then compare your answers […]

#712 – Dick Bernard: Office of the President

Tonight I was at the meeting where my wife, Cathy, completed the last of many terms as our Homeowners Association President, and before that on this Association Board, and another before that. She left the Board only because she’d done more than her fair share over many years. There was no competitor, and no one […]

#704 – Dick Bernard: "You oughta go tah, Nor Dakota…"*

* – Once upon a time, the North Dakota promotional anthem (at least as I remember it). I can hum it still. Wish it were on YouTube…. But the title “masks” a more serious message, today. Recently, within a day or two of each other, came two links: one from a present day and lifelong […]

#699 – Dick Bernard: Listening to the Governor of Minnesota

Yesterday noon we, along with several hundred others, braved Twin Cities roads to gather at a lunch at McNamara Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota. The speaker was Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. (click on photos to enlarge) The event was the Carlson School of Management’s “First Tuesday” and the large audience seemed mostly to […]

#686 – Dick Bernard: Going to listen to Al Gore on "The Future. Six Drivers of Global Change"

Al Gore was in Minneapolis on Thursday, and while I’ve been to lots of speeches, including by Mr. Gore, and didn’t really need to go, there is something that draws me to such events. I got to Westminster Presbyterian Church an hour early, but turned out to be a half-hour late: I got a seat, […]

#683 – Dick Bernard: The Cost of Fear; the Power of Speaking Out.

Yesterday I was at a local restaurant having a cup of coffee, and writing some letters. It’s a very ordinary activity for me. For some reason, I ‘ve always worked best where there’s some hubbub around. At the next table, very close by, four men, obviously friends, and probably in their 50s, were conversing about […]

#661 – Dick Bernard: Pearl Harbor Day and the wreckage of the Minnesota Orchestra Lockout

UPDATE February 23, 2013: Still unsettled…. I sent this letter to the 28 members of the Minnesota Orchestra Association Executive Committee last week.

#659 – Dick Bernard: "Black Friday" and "the Fiscal Cliff"

A week ago today, Black Friday was raging. Actually, it began on Thanksgiving Day, and if one carries it even further, I first heard Christmas (shopping) music at my coffee stop right after November 1. (click to enlarge) Christmas in America is not so much a celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace; […]

#593 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #30. The Politics of Resentment

Over a year ago, in mid-April 2011, a coffee acquaintance, a generation ‘south’ of me in age, asked me a question. As a second job, he’s long been a local volunteer fireman. One of his duties was to handle his units retirement investment fund. Apparently their fund was not doing well – they were getting […]