#21 – Dick Bernard: Heather and a salute to "Community"

Last night, shortly before 7 p.m. at Ballfield #5 in Lakeville MN, Heather Bernard came up to the plate, wearing an Ohio State pullover, and holding and jiggling her bat like she’d doubtless seen countless batters on television prepare for the pitch. (She looked pretty good, actually!) The pitcher lobbed the softball towards the plate, […]

#20 – Dick Bernard: The Drones as Solution, or Problem?

A reader comment follows this post. The May 10 edition of CBS’ “60 Minutes” featured a segment on the military’s new star: an unmanned reconnaissance and war plane called a Drone. The segment, “Drones: America’s New Air Force”, likely remains available for viewing at http://www.60minutes.com. It is worth watching. The Drone has those same qualities […]

#19 – Carol Ashley: Chris Martenson's "Crash Course"

Dick Bernard: On April 7, my friend John sent me an e-mail, as follows: “My son Joel sent this to me. It is fascinating and disturbing. http://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse/ You should check out this website and his seminar (several youtube videos embedded on the site). It touches on and brings together the topics of finance, national debt, […]

#18 – Dick Bernard: A re-view of Mother's Day

Sometimes seemingly dis-connected happenings converge, causing one to re-think what previously was thought to be obvious. This has happened to me in recent weeks, regarding Mother’s. “Mother”, it seems to me, is a whole lot more than solely a biological function; and it is much more than a designated day in May. It is joyful, […]

#17 – Dick Bernard: Don Bartlette, Macaroni at Midnight.

Today was Diversity Day for Bloomington MN high schools and I went out to Jefferson High School in Bloomington to staff a table for a group in which I am active called World Citizen www.peacesites.org. I had the written program for the day, but wasn’t certain when I was supposed to be there, so I […]

#16 – Jane Stillwater: A flu survivor, 2009

A reader comment follows this post. Note from the moderator: For most of us, the flu hysteria of Spring 2009 has (thankfully) been a spectator sport. Jane Stillwater, her friend, and her granddaughter happened to have the flu during the peak news time about the feared “Swine Flu pandemic”. Jane writes from Berkeley CA. For […]

#15 – Dick Bernard, Grandpa's Slingshot; and Jane Stillwater, a Letter to the Editor

A reader comment follows this post. Today is my 69th birthday. I share the birthday with grandson Parker, 7, and a great number of others. Parker and I shared birthday cake yesterday. To a great number of people in my assorted constellations my age means I’m “just a kid”; to many others, including Parker, I […]

#14 – Anne Dunn: Sweet Smoky Blues

Note: Here’s another chapter on Sugaring near Deer River MN. Anne previously wrote on this topic at #6, published April 12, 2009, under the category, Quietings. I’d been charged with watching the maple syrup cooker so it wouldn’t boil over. There were also three barrels of sap bubbling the steam away. Annie and Laura had […]

#11 – Dick Bernard: Swine Flu, Fear, Hype and Hysteria

During 1918, my mother almost died in the WW I flu epidemic. I know because she wrote about it in her memories, thusly: “I think one of the most traumatic experiences I had happened when I was about nine years old and got the World War I flu. Many people were very sick and some […]

#9 – Tom Bernard: Columbine 10 years ago, and 10 years after

Note from Dick Bernard: On April 20, 1999 – it was a Tuesday – I was at a meeting in suburban Minneapolis. Driving back to my office after the meeting, on the car radio, I heard about some shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton CO. I didn’t know anything about Columbine, but I knew […]